chatillion 70M
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6/26/2014 4:41 am
2000 flushes, 6 hours talk time, 38 miles per gallon, kills fleas and their eggs

There MUST be a planet where product claims like this are actually true. I'm sure it's NOT the planet earth.

Thirty years ago I bought a product called 'muffler bandage' that was guaranteed to close small holes in a muffler. It failed miserably. I expected it to stick like 'bubble gum on a wool sweater' instead, it dried into some crusty inert white substance and fell off on it's own. I sent a letter to the manufacturer and they refunded my money.

Emergency tooth repair kit. Another worthless product. Maybe the muffler bandage people are making the tooth repair kits too. I tried one a few weeks ago. It was like putting cream cheese on your tooth and expecting it to harden. Saliva will wash it away first.

My cellphone is rated at 6 hours talk time. I figured out how to get 6 hours in a day... charge it every afternoon at 2pm.

Your car gets 38 miles per gallon. How? Are you driving downhill from Mount Everest?

Locktite brand Power Grip adhesive. I tried to attach some wood moulding with this stuff. It has the consistency of toothpaste... and the same amount of holding power.

2000 flushes.. not in my house. Unless gremlins are using the toilet when I'm away at work I say it's about 700 flushes worth.

I bought some Bug-B-Gone this week and saturated the front porch and grassy area with this product. Two days later, the fleas are tenfold. Obviously, fleas must not be bugs.

Thanks for reading my blog.

woaini1947 59M
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6/26/2014 12:59 pm

If you get a bag of that Ortho bug killer that you toss on your front lawn, it works fairly well. I don't use a spreader, I just toss it with my hand. It is more concentrated that way and I turn on the sprinklers and it lasts for at least six months. I have done this religiously for at least eight years and have never had one ant or flea in the house or around the lawn, though my neighborhood is the pet haven of the world. If you get fleas in the house, sprinkle powdered Boraxo Soap on the carpet, brush it in and let it sit a few hours. It kills the eggs. I only get 38 miles to the gallon if I am carrying a can of gas while riding my bicycle. 2,000 flushes; that never works. For me that would be around two years; never happen. You will never get six hours of talk time on a cell phone unless you buy a Mophie like I did. For the muffle; if you want to patch it, you take sheet metal (we used to cut open a tin can) wrap it around the muffler, as tight as you can get it and secure it with bailing wire. Emergency tooth repair; mix Krazy Glue with white paint.

beyondfantasy3 111M
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6/26/2014 3:56 pm

For teeth..Use " Gel Crazy Glue'... I'm becoming and expert with the stuff.

I don't put much stock in advertisement. by the way, did you see the process they go through to "photograph a Hamburger for McDonalds or Burger King"... It is unreal, they spend hours STAGING the thing, and by the time they finish it is not edible.

I wrote a blog about the fast deterioration and the quick depreciation of things.

Advertising executives are paid a lot of money to figure out how to dupe people into buying various things. The sad part is: 90% it works on 90+% of the people.

chatillion 70M
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6/26/2014 4:14 pm

I'm not sure if this is fact or hearsay, but I read the ingredients must be real but they don't have to be cooked!
That would explain why that 1/4 pound hamburger in your sandwich doesn't look anything like the advertisement. The same thing goes with a Butterball Turkey... smooth and plump and it looks nothing like a cooked turkey!

woaini1947 59M
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6/27/2014 8:24 am

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I wrote about the same hooker in another blog. She hit about four or five other blogs.

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6/30/2014 1:29 pm

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