chatillion 70M
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7/5/2014 7:12 am

She was 110 pounds (50kg) at the age of 20.
Now, at the age of 40, she is 220 pounds (100kg)

This is (only) one reason why many Caucasian men loose interest in Caucasian women.

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chatillion 70M
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7/5/2014 7:51 am

"Why Caucasian women are easier to be fat? Does it have anything to do with genes? Or food culture?"

Yes, yes and yes...

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/6/2014 5:39 am

many young women today, don't know how to cook. They think it is beneath them to "cook". We have too many status based Media shows, if you note in most American Shows, the girls never do anything but whine about how they look and want to go shopping, or they are playing a serial dater.
lately, the shows are about zombies and horrific stuff as if mass destruction has taken over.

Greed shows up in the waist-line - In America everything mass sold is filled with every kind of chemical preservative the company can get away with. They hire people to come up with words to use in a covert manner to avoid saying sugar, salt and other things. They always have non pronounceable words on the labels.
We use to have one poster, who use to talk about natural foods and natural health things, she posted interesting items.

I grew up in a country town, in the late 50's and 60's as a poor family, we had what we needed, but not a lot of processed stuff. We had a garden, in the small town people would share their crops with each other and most people who had their gardens took pride in growing various things. our fruit was fresh from the trees, we had pigs, chickens, we had fresh eggs, just go to the hen house and get them. Although we did not have cows when I was a kid, by during my mothers youth, they had cows, as well.
But people would share the pigs they butchered. Back then, the culprit was salt, and Lard, and as the Lard went away, then Crisco and Liquid Cooking Oil was brought on the market.
As kids we grew our own popcorn, some people grew peanuts and we could get them in 50lb bags very cheap, others had Pecan trees, and we'd get them in very large bags. The women would 'can" certain items, and for holidays we always had home made ice cream. We had the best of nature and during that time. When the madness of the TV, we ended up moving to a city environment, and then to a suburban community. as that time, mostly everything came from the supermarket.

I was surprised when I moved back to the South 9 yrs ago, It is very challenging to find people with roadside stands, that sell fresh vegetables, and the silly Farmers Market only last for a short while, but its more about novelty than it is about a massive volume of home grown sellers. Some of the vendors come from "commercial farms", so their foods has been injected with too many things to help them grow and keep bugs off; so its certain there is toxicity in it.

Most people now in America, don't truly know what we are getting, ,many products comes from Latin America, and many thing now come from China.
American Greed is the Worst thing to ever hit the world. There is nothing it won't destroy. It has practically destroyed small farmers, they cannot compete with these corporate farms.
Only in the small country town do people still carry on the traditions of farming.
My relative met a man who lives in the country, I'd never have thought she'd be one to adapt to country living, but she had adapted. her boyfriends family grows everything they like, they also hunt wild pigs, they eat fresh caught fish, they eat deer meat and they grow some of the best vegetables. They live far enough out, that city contamination seems not to effect their environment. The air is fresh, the greener of the wooded areas looks clean.

Here in many of the cities, there are massive volumes of very big women, on average there are more big women than big men, but that does not mean there are not a lot of very big men. ( big=obese).
Not only young one's but older people as well. I don't know how they can become so big, I see small pre-teen kids who are huge and they don't even walk properly, they waddle along.

When the First Lady, pushes a program to fight against childhood obesity, that should tell us that it is out of range, and it may not be due to genetics, it may be the electronic society. Kids don't get together as we did and drum up a baseball game, or take off through the community on bicycle rides, and just run and race each other just for the fun of it. They are driven every place they go, and they often have no chores that keep them busy.

The claim of Leisure is so bad, they even walk around in public in pajama bottoms and too many of them have these cheap plastic Nike slippers on. all demonstrating they are not going to break a sweat for anything.