chatillion 70M
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7/6/2014 7:48 am
I've always wondered...

I've always wondered... if JFK was really boinking Marilyn Monroe.
I've always wondered... if (or when) NASA would confess astronauts didn't make it to the moon.
I've always wondered... if they would find Jimmy Hoffa's body.
I've always wondered... when Ricky Martin would come out of the closet.
I've always wondered... if Alley Baggett has implants.
I've always wondered... why laws are generally written to protect the guilty.
I've always wondered... if the other members of Queen were bi/gay.
I've always wondered... why foods that are good for you usually taste so bad.
I've always wondered... if Albert Einstein had a closet full of identical sets of clothing.
I've always wondered... why the nerdiest in school aspired to politics.
I've always wondered... why sex was better when I HAD a headache.
I've always wondered... why mediocre musicians outlive gifted musicians.
I've always wondered... why a carrot is more orange than an orange.
I've always wondered... why guys in my high-school who were bag-boys at the local grocery are back there as bag-boys 45+ years later!
I've always wondered... why water is sometimes more expensive than Coke that has flavoring, corn sweetener and water!

Thanks for reading my blog!

If you're taking notes... Yeah, I read about Ricky!

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/6/2014 9:36 am

I think may went to the moon, but maybe something showed up and told him not to come back Or he saw something that he was not able to deal with in the ways that he'd like to.

why mediocre musicians outlive gifted musicians. maybe because the gifted musician take it for granted over time, because it comes so easy. Where as the less gifted continues trying to work on and develop the skill level and push to promote themselves more so. Generally very talented people are also independent minded and don't suit well with conformity nor follow rules and regulations with the same fevor that the less gifted may follow.

I think Marilyn was only the one the public knows about.. I'd think there are many very rich families who have very pretty daughter, who do what they do behind closed doors, because they can afford to keep the publicity hounds at bay. At the very rich levels, people do many things that the public will never know, because they can afford to take the precaution to avoid any public disclosure. Nor will they speak about it, because they have more to loose than it would benefit them to have it know.
Celebrity needs to have it know, because they live by remaining in the media headlines.