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7/10/2014 4:04 pm
RICE Fever...

This blog briefly touches on the subject of interracial relationships. I think the 1991 movie JUNGLE FEVER coined the phrase. It's about a black man who has an affair with a white woman.
I have seen some dating profiles of white women seeking a relationship with black men and black women seeking a relationship with white men.
Call it preference... selectivity. This is what online dating is about. Advertise what you are looking for and (hopefully) you will find it.

A few years ago I saw a 'twist' on the Jungle Fever... it was a Japanese woman, born in the US seeking a relationship with a Caucasian man. If you follow social trends, you have probably heard the phrase "Rice Burner" that refers to a Japanese made car (usually Honda) that has some performance parts and decals added to it. Anyway, the woman made a comment in her profile that she wanted a man who was attracted to her on her merits and not someone who had "Rice Fever" I take that to mean she wasn't looking for a guy who was attracted to her merely because she was Japanese.
My nephew dated a Japanese woman while in college. She was on a student visa and learned English quickly. She had the same thoughts... (in that) She would not date a guy who already had experience dating any Asian woman.

I find it odd because it seemed nice to meet someone who had an appreciation for your own culture... some connection, something in common. Maybe not an obsession but a genuine interest. I think it's something to be found in modern Japanese culture being first or not to have to compete. In a country of high population, overcrowding, competition standing out in the crown seems pretty hard to do.

Come to America and (nearly) every Asian woman is a princess. After they are here a while they begin to have a personality change as Caucasian women have a hard time competing when one Asian woman enters the room. She doesn't have to do anything to sell herself other than a display of confidence. Knowing their 'value' many become undesirable as they spend years seeking the perfect mate to match their high standards and go years without any man.
My thought is to do a follow up blog about this... soon.
That said, I usually joke that it has something to do with the water! If you have an Asian girlfriend... don't let her drink tap water!

Summary: Rice Fever is when a Caucasian is only looking for an Asian.

I'm ready to coin some other names for interracial, relationships...
Spanish women... "Salsa Fever"
Italian women... "Spaghetti Fever"
Irish women... "Clover Fever"
Jewish women... "I can never make you happy Fever"
Indian women... "Dot on your forehead Fever"
Central American women... "Banana Republic Fever"
Dutch women... "Clog Fever"
Russian women... "Vodka Fever"

More you say?

Mexican women... "Taco Fever"
Cuban women... "Mango Fever"
Jamaican women... "Jerked Chicken Fever"

This was meant in humor... so don't get your panties twisted and feel offended.

Thanks for reading my blog!

chatillion 70M
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7/11/2014 3:48 am

Warm... was that directed at me?

woaini1947 59M
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7/11/2014 10:25 am

I have seen a "Special" on TV and have heard Asian women comment about men having "Yellow Fever." It is a derogatory term used by Asian women (at least in the L.A. area) to denote men, primarily Caucasian, who are obsessed with dating Asian women due to misconceptions that Asian women find; insulting. Many men have the misconception that Chinese women, for instance, live only to serve their man. In many older American movies, Asian women are portrayed as subservient and existing only to do the bidding of their husband. Asian women feel that men who have "Yellow Fever" have oftentimes failed to impress ladies of their own ethnicity and therefore they embrace another culture's women who they feel will be more accepting of their faults and improprieties.

chatillion 70M
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7/11/2014 1:13 pm

No comments from Asian women? Hmm....

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/12/2014 3:19 pm

I think many guys don't get the fact that many Asian men, have their manner of 'horn dog streaks'... many of the herbal pursuits for sexual virility is engaged by the Asian male especially in the older male groups. It is often spoken about as to Asian men pursuing the young Asian female, or the kept woman, the concubine and the comfort girls and etc. If the men note, many Asian women, have a concept of, 'this is not subject for public, therefore, they insure to present themselves with a mentality as if to pretend to be innocent to the awareness and fact of sexual things. But, do not delude yourself, she is well aware of what is between her legs, as well as what is between yours, and the many means and methods people engage to connect those body parts. . It is her aim not to present an image of lure unless she is in the mood to simply want that to be the lead image of the moment. But, in no way does it mean, she is not with her own set of desires and her own aims and motivations in general.

Therefore, Asian women on a whole are very aware of what it is to be pursued, they are very well aware of what it is to be lusted after, desired and sought out for play, as well as for mates. They are probably in a broad sense more adept at dealing with these male pursuits than many 'western men" want to acknowledge.
The problem often with Western men, is he has some delusion that her facial appearance or manner denotes some illusion of innocence,.
But that is to his own detriment to think in such self delusional concepts.

Many men have found out the reality, and that is, many of these women will interact, but they also know how to drop you like a hot rock in the instance of a second, They also know with the very large population in their areas its a two way thing, they can always find another male who is in pursuit of something, and they also know there are millions more just like herself whom she has to contend with. They are shrewd, but they also know from the history and culture. especially where males take the dominant lead, that historically, they had to be adept at pursuing a man with means, Many have families systems which train this into the women's minds young. As in historical reflection, men were to go out and make money,but the women were to manage herself to catch a man with means, which was also connected to a honor system of what the family measure the woman, based on the wealth of the man she catches. I doubt that has much changed in the deeper core of many systems in many Asian nations.
( it is not much different in the Western Regions either, because many people train their daughters to be good 'hunter of men with means"..)

In the Asian society, if many note, especially in sites like this, women speak of their degree and university which translates into the simplicity of "only men with titles, status, money and achievements need apply".

As guys often comment about what the women post on their profiles. about being a good this or that, like to travel and etc. Men have to realize, that is conveying a message.
If you also note, in the General Historical sense of Chinese family, the man may not be Mr. Romantic in the home, but he is Mr. Duty, and Mr. Responsibility. Which means, he is also, Mr. Provider. When he can no longer provide, it is considered as 'loosing face". Men who make far more than is needed to provide, also is often in some circles practically expected by his male society position, to have a (younger) woman on the side. the women often know, but they carry on as if they don't know, unless his money diminishes and he slacks up on his duties and responsibilities, or he flaunts it in an overt manner as to become something the woman feels causes her to loose face in her community and among her friends.

Both China and Japan and other Asian places have always had a class system. it may present itself differently but it has not vanished completely.
Some may have changed and adopted more aim and desire for western style romance. which means they change in what they want and how they consider relations. But not all have made drastic changes in these areas.
Example a family may not approve of their daughter with a foreign man, but if that man has monetary means, they will find a way to accommodate him into the family concept.
However, there is another thing, 'children"... this can often change the most hardened to become more considerate of their daughters marriage to a foreigner or someone of lower monetary status than they originally aimed for their daughter to have.

Some of the older women, who have lived through long term relationships that may have dissolved or the may left for a younger woman, may be more open to building relationships based on the love and romanticism of companionship and not put a high monetary expectations, but they do expect him to at least be able to maintain and sustain himself.

As to sex, there is nothing a western man can conjure up to do in a bedroom that Chinese men have not proposed or pursued or engaged. and that means they have proposed, pursued and engaged it with the women in his environment.

Any guys who has been with women from Asian locations, know, they will share what you can imagine to do within the sharing, and they can do it as long as he can muster the drive to do it. That in and of itself is no different than what women from any western or other society group engage to share within a situation of bedroom activity. many will come out the bedroom with a demeanor as if nothing happened at all, because it is just a part of what happens within the bedroom, that is not activity that is done outside the bedroom style of stuff and things.

It's like any society groomed woman, they try to maintain themselves in public with an air of innocence, which has nothing to do with how demonstrative they can and will be in the bedroom.

Men would probably do himself a favor by not building any false delusions about Asian women... and see them simply as 'women" who is an individual person, who just happens to be Asian by ethnicity.

chatillion 70M
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7/12/2014 5:58 pm

"I wonder if most western guys on Asia Friendfinder have even dated a western woman, had a western girl friend or a western wife. hahaha."

I say it makes sense that they did and that's why they are looking for an Eastern woman.

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/13/2014 5:00 am

As men get older, he is not looking for, nor is he interested in a woman with a 'contending demeanor", nor does he have any wants for a woman who has a desire for a "daily jousting match", and he certain does not want a woman who thinks of herself as if she is the overseer, who issues 20 task a day, an then sulks and joust, and contend when the man does not accept the task.

It does not matter if the woman is Western or Asian, if she has that type of demeanor and desire, she will not be long in the company of the average older man. he simply is not interested in the "tactile circles of jousting".

Older women have a harder time whether she is seeking a young man or a older man, because many develop this "over-seer mentality", and they will become sometimes one who seeks to be contentious, or they create situations with aims at jousting. it simply will not work for long, before it becomes a situation the man is ready to get away from.

Many men can tolerate a few off shoot antics from young women, but the minute she thinks she has him corralled and starts with the contending and jousting demeanor, it will be the beginning of the end of that relation.

Why so many women like to contend with so much and joust about so many things, is often the end of the relationship. Even after many of such episodes, she still can't seem to understand why he does not put up with it.

The standoffish and sulking like attitudes and the dry non responsive demeanor's that come and go based on what she expects and does not get, is often a quick destroyer of the over-all relation. He will grow weary of it, and she will base her judgement of the man too often on whether or not he acts overly eager to fulfill the many whimsical expectations. which often are nothing more than measurement tools and tactics, This generally reduces into becoming moments of contention and jousting sessions.

This is as much a problem in Asian Relationships as it is in Western Relationships. Equally so, it is a part in why there are so many divorces in both the Western society life and the Easter society life.

So, men should not assume that getting a Asian woman is going to solve this matter.

The whole matter comes down to simplicity. Whether she is Asian or Western, if you are not interested in a contending woman and a woman who has a proclivity for jousting. Then the man should know that and not engage himself with the contending and jousting types. Regardless of where she is from.

(There is nothing wrong with people standing on their ideals and pursuing their expressions, but when it gets to the point of being contentious and jousting bouts then that should indicate its time to look at the situation.) discerning the distinctions between what is standing on their ideal and pursuing expression vs what is contentions and jousting is important to consider.)

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/13/2014 5:19 am

Just like this segment of the web, many of the Asian women evidentally think of many of these men as being less than, as they can't get themselves over the thought, that some of the men can't find woman at home. Which is far from the case. But that should go to tell some of the men, that some of these women would over time potentially be difficult to live with.
The ones that may be more suitable to live with are the ones who are engaging in the forums or emails or chats or what ever is the communication medium they share.
some of the women are not very pleased with the overly high focus on the fact they are Asian as being the lead in reasoning of the mans desire.

The men would do well to not come across as if he thinks she is some goddess who fits with the old delusions of the submissive Asian. Because in reality he will find shock and awe to find not only is she not submissive, she is and will be "simply what is the nature of woman".
If the average man wants to mate with a woman who is from an Asian nation, then he needs to deal with her as an individual, who just happens to be Asian. Not pursuing and choosing her mainly because she is Asian.
But its likewise so, many of the men don't care to be pursued or chosen because he is Caucasian,

Because each of those basis come with nothing but mis-conceptions and illusions which will present many to become quickly disillusioned. Because in the basis of reality.. the fact of being simply man and simply woman, will be the dominant matter... and ethnicity will have far less to do with Life's Relationship Reality in what might become a long term relationship.