chatillion 70M
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8/23/2014 6:05 pm
I would like to thank...

I won't mention names, but I would like to thank the dating website for allowing us to make first contact, the instant messenger service providing the means for video chats, the translation software manufacturer making it possible for two people who speak different languages to communicate effectively, the airlines for getting me to my destination, the very nice hotel that only cost $25US per day, all the taxi and bus services that got us to and from our travels, the immigration attorney who really made things happen, my accountant for keeping my books straight, the Guangzhou Embassy for approving her fiance visa and most of all... my future wife for sticking with me through all of this.
Between the job changes, work setbacks, application delays and mix-ups that made you wait... It was beyond my control and I'm truly sorry. I expect all that to be in the past.

With less than two months to go. We're counting down !!

beyondfantasy3 111M
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8/24/2014 5:05 am


angelspirit48 49F
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8/24/2014 6:03 am

Congratulation to both of you

Since the K1 visa required to get marry in 90 days upon your fiance arrival, do you plan to marry this year or next year?

Hope all is well for both of you

chatillion 70M
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8/24/2014 7:04 am

Thanks everyone !!
angelspirit, yes...90 days. On the advice of my accountant, it's best to marry this year and take a tax break!

beyondfantasy3 111M
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8/24/2014 11:56 am

You have presented yourself here as a nice guy, with a broad range of interest in the things of life. You put in good effort to try and make this site interactive, and you explore to discuss things many over-look or take for granted. You researched well when you considered a car change,and you appreciate the things you have earned to acquire. I'm certain there is a great deal more of positive things that make up your days, and in being so, I'm hope that you have a long and enduring positive relationship that spans the scope of your life.

I'd like to thank you for being one who makes effort to communicate and share thoughts and things about life and living.

You have made a good choice and used the tools to build a relationship, She is a beautiful woman, and certainly engaging to meet with your zest for life and communicable sharing.

chatillion 70M
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8/26/2014 8:59 pm

sweetie, Alan, beyond... many thanks.



Thank you.
She is very lucky to find me.
I am very lucky to find her.
Many women come to these websites searching for a husband.
They are not so lucky.
Some of these women have been here for 10 years.

lxqizi 76F
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8/27/2014 7:22 am

Too celebrate it!
Really is fate!
This is a big happy event website
Each of us is a large member of the wedding
Bless you grow old
Never separated!

chatillion 70M
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9/6/2014 5:56 am

    Quoting beautifulkayra:
    Congratulations on finding each other
    Wishing you both life full of love, happiness and wonderful moments
She purchased the ticket...

chatillion 70M
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9/14/2014 10:25 am

Update: 5 weeks...

chatillion 70M
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9/14/2014 8:56 pm

Make that 4 weeks...