chatillion 71M
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2/14/2016 5:37 am
I think this is a case of 'unarmed' robbery...

Earlier in the week I read a story about a 39 year old guy who listed some Air Jordan Retro sneakers on Craig's List for the asking price of $490 and met up with a 17 year old potential buyer.
The buyer reportedly pulled a gun on the seller, clicks the trigger but the gun jams. He steps out of the car with the sneakers and walks away from the car, crosses the street and continues to walk away.
The driver turns his car around to chase after the crook onto the sidewalk crashing him into a fence ripping his arm off. The one-armed robber then leaves his arm, the gun and the sneakers at the scene, profusely bleeding, he gets on a bus but people are shouting about the blood and he gets off and collapses on the street.

The robber ends up in the hospital in serious but stable condition where they are able to reattach his arm. Reports are he will be charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. The seller claimed his action was self defense but he was already out of danger when he pursued the robber and he was arrested. His charges are attempted murder.
I suppose it was turning around the striking the robber that got him in trouble.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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2/15/2016 4:21 am

in this state one can have a loaded weapon in their vehicle, and the bullet can be chambered.
As to the usage of the car- It falls in the category of "Road Rage", Road Rage is a Criminal Offense ( as Harley said, Using ones vehicle as a weapon!!!).

I see in the news so much insidious crimes, on a daily basis from news feeds around the nation and the globe.
I don't know what is with society but no matter what and where one goes today, it is a matter that caution should be a primary concern. It's too often people drop all cautions and the victim stat's are horrendous.
I'm not for paranoia, but I am skeptical of various situations.
I think there has to be better means for people to meet when selling things.
"Take a Friend Along" - it is far safer than doing the transaction alone.