chatillion 71M
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2/25/2016 4:12 am
Penis Transplants?? sign me up !!

Again in the news I saw a story about doctors who have successfully transplanted a human penis. A few years ago, it was first reported that a team of doctors in South Africa were very successful and the patient recovered much sooner than expected, having regained all urinary and sexual functions.

So here I am at 63 and 'it' still works (thank you very much) but I'm thinking about the future. I've been married more than a year and my wife and I discuss subjects about sexual satisfaction in years to come. How much longer could I keep it up? I mentioned I could get some Viagra but she's afraid there are too many health associated risks so that's not an option.

I know a guy who has an inflatable penile implant and his comments were that it's a little creepy to squeeze the pump in his scrotum but it does work.

Why mess with pumps when you can have the real donger permanently attached? Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Okay... sign me up and get me the penis of some young guy possibly one who thought he and that motorcycle were invincible. Just make it one with no road rash!

woaini1947 60M
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2/26/2016 1:41 pm

A transplant such as what you mention will not provide the result you are hoping for. It is not the age of the penis that is the issue, it is blood flow, prostate condition, etc., I have read reports of men being 80 years old and taking drugs such as Cialis and Levitra and they do work as long as you are sexually stimulated or excited. I was suffering from an enlarged prostate which is common among older men and I was seeing a forty year old physician's assistant for my medical exams. He said I was in better shape than he is and doctors will try different things on certain subjects to test results for future use. 5mg of Cialis daily is for prostate enlargement but after about three days it also has the same type of effect as the blue pill except it is always effective, unlike some of the other pills that only last for a few hours. I took the prescription and on the internet you can go to their website and the first 30 days is free. You just take the coupon to your pharmacist. I did as I didn't even have a copay to worry about. Yes, it works. There are side effects listed on every drug but I, as most do, experienced nothing negative. Get your doctor to give you a prescription and go on the Cialis website and print the coupon. The normal cost without insurance is about $8.00 per pill but the pharmaceutical company is so sure you will like it you can try it for 30 days with no obligations whatsoever. You can also get higher dosage pills for spontaneous use or your doctor probably has samples as most do. After you try the pills I think you and your wife can rest easy. My prostate problems stopped but if needed I am sure I can make them reappear.

LovesAsiansNYC 68M
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2/27/2016 5:32 am

Why not get 2?

Think of the possibilities

beyondfantasy3 112M
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2/27/2016 5:59 am

Well, prostrate surgery is a whole different thing, and that too depends on if the nerve bundles can be spared!!!!
the trip thing about the sex organ, it does not need to be erect except for penetration, the sensation of climax is still a function.
Not only is there prostrate but things involve testosterone - The natural realism is, it will not get as firm as when in youth, and there are many other variables which go into the reality of it.
Surgery causes one to lose a bit of length, the same a peronies to have it corrected will cause the loss of length.
But what is a trip either way.
by the time men get older he should have learned that the design of a woman is itself unique in what her organ is. She can't tell if you are 5-6-7 inches, the function is the penis pushes the blood to flow back and forth and thus the sensitivity is where the sensation comes from. As women get older they are not going to lubricate like a younger women in her pre-20's or early 20's.
We learn more as we age, but if we hang on to "myth's" we miss out on learning what there is to learn.
Women can and do have a multitude of changes and challenges and issues, but the fact is they rarely if ever will discuss these things with men. both man and woman often are unaware of much as it relates to the sex organ of each other. then there's the matter of estrogen as it relates to women and how it impacts motivation and arousal and energy within arousal.
Some women, don't like very large things, some like fatter, but what it is, is about pressure- but it also is about muscle tone within the woman as well so, its a combination of things "always".
one thing that does matter is "sensitivity" and how arousal connects to the level of sensitivity.
Remember a Lesbian does not have a penis, but the two women still find ways to create enjoyment in what they do. It might be for the man to not put too much overly focus on the penis or its erection as the whole matter.
Many women know very little about the penis, far less than one would think they know. their concerns are often times focused upon their own organ and their whole self as it relates to sex, sexual pleasure and the act of general and specific stimulation.

chatillion 71M
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2/29/2016 5:20 am

    Quoting  :

hwkmn, I enjoy the chat room and blog interaction this site provides. It's a friend finder website. There are hundreds of members here who are not seeking love/marriage.
No dual life or alter ego and many times my wife is sitting here watching what I do.
The best part is I get 3-4 bogus new profiles booted out of here on a daily basis.
Who could ask for more.