chatillion 71M
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4/19/2016 6:09 pm
Name that Pornstar...

Ok, it's time for another episode of Name that Pornstar !!
I'm going to make it super easy for you guys.
Did you notice new member Florencebabe1717 a 27F from Corpus Christi, Texas ?
She's the one wearing red with her butt facing the camera.
Her profile reads "I am interested in meeting an honest, sincere, dependable, honest, patient man who is mature and financially secured..."

I'll post her profile photo, then I'll post the original photo she (or he living in Ghana) copied from this pornstar's site... maybe you can guess who it is.

Hopefully, the watermark on the 2nd photo is large enough to read.

chatillion 71M
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4/20/2016 3:42 am

Yes, it's Destiny Moody and during the night some staff member decided to remove the revealing photo from my blog.

Since I reported that profile (for fraud) twice and it's still active, I can only believe there is a connection.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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4/20/2016 3:51 am

it's three fold, one the scammers know people are voyeuristic in some degree, and the Porn workers would not be doing the work if they did not like the variables within the work.
It's unlikely a guy in a general social community environment who's looking for a wife would be looking for her to have her butt in the air on the internet