chatillion 71M
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4/21/2016 9:20 pm
Goodbye Prince...

Shortly after lunch today, the news came across the internet that entertainer Prince had passed away at the age of 57. The details were sketchy at the time and not much more detail has been added.
He was found in an elevator passed out and unresponsive.

Other news reported his jet made an emergency landing last week due to a medical emergency. At the time he was struggling with the flu. He reportedly received a 'safe shot' to counteract the effects of opiates. Advised to remain in the hospital for 24 hours, he left after three hours.

Doctors are expected to perform an autopsy on Friday.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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4/22/2016 5:10 am

Such an AMAZINGLY broad figure of person and a man of unique skill, talent, ability and so many things rolled into one person !!!!!
There will never be another Prince !!!!