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10/10/2018 7:35 pm
The eye of a hurricane...

I was looking at photos of hurricane Michael that came through the Florida Panhandle today. Having lived in South Florida for nearly 60 years I've seen many hurricanes including ones that came across my city where we experienced the eye of a hurricane.
The experience you receive is a hundred plus miles per hour wind and rain, then the eyewall passes over you'll likely to find the rain stops, the wind stops and it is all quiet for more than 20 minutes. As you reach the back part of the eye wall the wind and rain hits you in the opposite direction from the way it originally passed over you. Very creepy.

Katrina in 2005

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10/10/2018 7:36 pm

If you ask if I recall going outside in the eye of a hurricane with an umbrella and a skateboard, my reply would be yes.

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10/28/2018 5:20 am

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I have seen an American movie ------- Tornado
Very scary.

Tornado and typhoon are different natural disasters