chatillion 71M
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11/25/2018 7:43 am
Pray to God...

I knew a woman (coworker) who was having serious marital problems. She prayed to God for them to stay together. Her husband was an abuser and violence became an everyday occurrence.
A friend suggested they go for counseling. He wanted no part of it. The prayers continued and so did the violence. She did get more advice, different than what she expected. While the prayers were good, she was told the prayers were for the wrong thing!

Changing her prayers to get her out of a bad marriage and not trying to stay in one was her answer.

There were some rough times getting away that involved divorce and a restraining order, but with counseling on her part she as able to readjust. New job, nearby city, new life.

It must have been a year later she called to say hello and tell me she met a guy whom she trusted. They were engaged to be married and she prayed to God he was the right one this time.

chatillion 71M
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11/25/2018 7:44 am

I haven't heard from her since...

Gabor660625 57M
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11/25/2018 12:49 pm

Thank you for sharing this encouraging story.

oldghost32 78M
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11/28/2018 3:59 am

indeed, hit once is once too often

chatillion 71M
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12/11/2018 7:53 pm

OK, I haven't checked in recently. I'll try to go there tonight.