chatillion 71M
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1/26/2019 8:06 pm
Something is burning...

It's been a mixed bag of weather these past few weeks. Lows in the 40's (Fahrenheit) highs in the 70's and Thursday kicked up winds of 25mph gusting to 40 at times.
I have a fan in the window of my home office that's 20 years old and sometimes It squeaks because the bearing/bushing in the motor is worn. I haven't bothered to open the cover to oil the bushing.
A few times it's stopped because the bushing/bearing is worn.

Friday morning, I opened the bedroom door to a heavy burning electrical smell throughout the house. Although it's a strong smell, it didn't set off the 3 smoke detectors in the house!

I took the fan from the window and moved it outside on the patio, opened all the doors and windows. Strong winds are helping remove the smell from inside.

chatillion 71M
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1/26/2019 8:07 pm

I'm sure there's a song about 'something burning' but I think it's related to a country music star and his girlfriend!