chatillion 71M
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2/9/2019 3:37 pm
my bucket list...

I'm thinking of the right tools for the job.
Most of the vacuuming of the construction dust in my condo renovation is done.
The fine dust from sanding drywall patch is more than my shop vac can handle.
Ideally, the whole place needs to be wet swabbed.
Should I get a string mop or a sponge mop with a squeeze handle and a bucket at a cost of $50.
I ponder...
This is not my area of expertise !
The shop vac does wet or dry, but I'm actually thinking to rent a carpet cleaner that sprays water. A day's rental runs $75 or I can buy my own cleaner and use it as needed.
Hoover has an upright cleaner for $100 and a professional model for $150.
Really designed for carpet, it has forced air to dry and I would think it would do the job on tile.
With the hose and upholstery attachment it's possible I could eliminate the need for a mop and bucket.

chatillion 71M
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2/9/2019 3:37 pm

That said, I could eliminate one bucket off my bucket list!

Lily20145 60F
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2/10/2019 12:55 am

ask your wife to do it.


chatillion 71M
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2/17/2019 5:46 am

wo, the chemicals in Swiffer make me sick. We have a generic version that's only a fuzzy cloth cover, no scent or dust pulling chemicals.

Right now, we're using a sponge mop and water with vinegar.

XiWangdeXin 70M
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2/17/2019 11:34 pm

My ex-wife insisted on using a heavy mix of chlorine bleach when she mopped. The dogs and I started coughing and hacking something fierce if we didn't get out of the house quickly enough.