chatillion 71M
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3/24/2019 6:45 am
The president said "No collusion, it's all a big hoax, everybody go home..."

On Friday evening, Mueller concluded his investigation and amazingly Conservatives (like the proverbial fly on the wall) seemed to know what was in the report. Thousands of pro Trump comments began to appear on all the news articles. It was like someone had swatted a hornets nest!
Since the Mueller report was about Russian interference, they naturally had to connect it with Democrats not accepting the outcome of the election... but that should be the topic of a DIFFERENT blog.

Muller's report isn't public. Not yet darlings... soon, but not now.

They're already shouting "No collusion, No collusion no more indictments" and 'sticking it in the faces of everyone who didn't support Trump, despite 34 shoes dropping all around him. I'm already reading this solidifies Trump's chances of reelection. Personally, that depends on what the Democrats have to offer and... that too should be the subject of a different blog..

I've said it before, outside of Mueller, I believe New York state will be investigating Trump's family businesses and taxes. Maybe the Russian investigation has concluded one episode, but it's not over really.

chatillion 71M
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3/24/2019 6:47 am

As they say, the Fat Lady isn't ready to sing just yet, but I did see her at the all-you-can-eat buffet stuffing herself on popcorn shrimp!

chatillion 71M
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3/24/2019 5:34 pm

Do people know your member name is also your Yahoo email?

chatillion 71M
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3/25/2019 4:40 pm

C'mon John, I know you're more capable than the childish responses you've been giving out.
Seriously, why is it the conservatives are totally blind to the Liar and Chief?

He DID intervene on Jared's top level security clearance despite his public statements about not doing it and saying he didn't know he had the ability to override denial for Jared's clearance.
Blatant, if you ask me.

There's a website keeping track of all his public lies with fact-check proof. I'm told it's more than 4,000 now.

Are you okay with that?

chatillion 71M
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3/26/2019 5:20 am

John, you're a conservative clone repeating exactly what all the other Conservative Borg are chanting.

Be original. Tell us how you feel when Trump makes a claim and it's immediately debunked because he lied.

Don't be misled by his lies.

XiWangdeXin 70M
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3/26/2019 10:18 am

It has been the report shows that Mueller said there was not sufficient evidence to indict Trump for collusion. However he made it clear that Trump has NOT been cleared of obstruction. He completed his work, but that does not end the investigation. Also, as has been mentioned, other areas of investigation have been opened at both the Federal and State levels. This is only the first step.

1Bowman 71M

3/27/2019 4:33 pm

Hey John, Not one of us is in a panic in fact I just ordered more popcorn so I'm sitting back enjoying the show. You're not looking at the whole picture. It won't be to much longer before his crime family will be taken down. Mueller knew Trump was ready to pardon even himself. Having the SDNY do it he can't pardon any. But hey, you hang in there in your delusional world. It's going to be fun.