chatillion 71M
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8/26/2019 8:16 pm
Dorian... meet Florida!

Currently... Dorian is a tropical storm off the coast of Venezuela. Maximum sustained winds are 60 miles per hour and expected to reach hurricane strength Wednesday morning as it crosses over the Dominican Republic on it's way to Florida.
I'm not a weather forecaster, nor do I in a TV series, but a few degrees the north and it's away from Florida and headed South Carolina.

chatillion 71M
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8/26/2019 8:18 pm

I checked the 11pm advisory and the storm is predicted to make a slight 'S' curve then head straight to Mar-a-Lago!

chatillion 71M
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8/29/2019 8:56 pm

Thursday 11pm advisory doesn't look good.
The storm is expected to become a category 3 with winds exceeding 110mph.
Landfall is expected to be Monday morning just north of West Palm Beach.