chatillion 71M
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8/30/2019 1:02 pm
Hurricane Dorian... meet Florida!

My original blog on August 26 reflected weather forecasters predicting Dorian, then a tropical storm to hit the East Coast of Florida Friday morning as a tropical storm. They were 90% wrong. The only thing they are getting right is the East Coast part.
I said Mar-a-Lago... and it looks like I'm more accurate than the forecasters with their radar, satellites and airplane storm trackers.

Currently... Dorian has slowed it's , picked up speed and is now a category 3 hurricane packing winds over 110 miles hour. Expected to hit Florida early Tuesday morning. means the outer band of tropical winds will be reaching us Monday night!

chatillion 71M
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8/30/2019 1:04 pm

Current status is NW at 10mph and sustained winds of 115mph.