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9/28/2019 8:07 pm
DRONEon episode 5...

I went for a few months without flying drones. The model I purchased a few years ago, uses GPS guidance with the ability shoot quality 4K video. intent was study and pass the FAA Part 107 test and be certified fly drones commercially... as in making legally doing aerial photography. While it's on list, other things keep getting in the way!

weeks ago, I connected with friends fly for sport in a huge public park with a section off side for us enjoy model aircraft. I did 10 minutes of flying but for some unknown reason, the video I recorded had a green tint. I suspect there could be some corrosion on the connector to the camera that needs attention.

chatillion 71M
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9/28/2019 8:09 pm

The top image is the flying field and the bottom image is a view of East Hollywood at about 200 feet.