chatillion 71M
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10/13/2019 7:31 pm
I'm a conservative...

It shouldn't come as a surprise anyone. I grew up in a conservative household. Toothpaste? , we pulled the tube against the edge of a desk squeeze every bit. I remember once (or twice) having completely flatten it for a family member!
It wasn't that we didn't have another tube open, conservatism was our lifestyle.
Getting ready go and the a/c was turned off way before we made it the front door.

My mom used walk around and see if a light was on... someone had better be using it.

Food in my house didn't go waste. Salad dressing... much the . If a few teaspoonfuls were left at the bottom of your bowl... you were wasting it.

My dad had a pretty good memory too. He could tell you what he had for dinner on the first Monday in September 1967... Sunday's leftovers!

chatillion 71M
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10/13/2019 7:32 pm

Conservative... I am.