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12/19/2019 1:13 pm
Puerto Rican Lightening...

When a failing business (especially in New York) has a mysterious fire in the night destroying the place including all the records and the owner claims enough insurance to start a new business, it comes under the heading of "Jewish lightening"

Legally, it's arson. In the old days investigators didn't have reliable means of determining the cause of such fires... unless it was obvious like a few empty cans of gasoline found in the premises leading to arrests, the insurance companies still had to make payouts on claims.

Today in the news, Latin singer Marc Anthony (Marco Antonio Muñiz) of Puerto Rican descent suffered a great loss when his 0 foot long yacht estimated at $7 million caught fire and capsized in a Miami harbor off Watson Island last night.

According to news, it took more than 45 firefighters two hours to control the blaze and thankfully no one was injured.

Some of the readers reactions to the story were a bit revealing:

"a lot of times, fires like that are caused friction. friction between the payment book and the insurance papers!!"
"The yacht was up for earlier this year. Didn't . Boom, fire. We see what you did there, Marc. *wink *wink"
"Was for , guess it was a fire ."
"Fire $ale since nobody else wanted to purchase the pit in a normal $ale."
"On a good note the fire was extinguished when it capsized."
"Mark, here’s some advice. If your worth is $80M, don’t spend a tenth of it on a yacht. You’re welcome."
"Two best days of a boat owners life: the day they get the boat, and the day it burns up in flames so they don't have to for it anymore."
"Anthony’s boat, which was for earlier this year..."
"Hmmm...can't wait for the investigation to reveal arson. Insurance ."
"Too much Salsa, huh?"
"I am guessing fire investigators will see if the fire was caused arson. These multi-million dollar yachts don't just catch on fire. This is a rare event and stirs a lot of suspicion as to the cause."
(I like this last one)
"Was it arson? I need to know, tell me girl cause I need to know."

chatillion 71M
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12/19/2019 1:15 pm

It's been raining on and off this week. Let's not rule out Puerto Rican Lightening...

oldghost32 78M
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12/19/2019 7:30 pm

I have _to assume you used that anti-semitic phrase intentionally, hard _to believe it could be an accident but in generosity I could instead put it down _to ignorance. If it was intentional, one wonders what might be the underlying intent. That and the misspelling are perhaps 'enlightening' Don't tell me Chinese FriendFinder include Lightn*ng (let's see: lightning) in their banned list. If it was merely quoting an article you could CYA by prefacing with an attribution and the source. Otherwise you tar yourself squarely with the appropriate slogan (tar brush in hand, insert hereafter) —————— .

oldghost32 78M
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12/22/2019 1:48 am

Yes, @C4me2008 Puerto Ricans too, although the singer mentioned is Puerto Rican so the reference is not totally gratuitous. I see this (these) articles were also published in ConnectSingles where the author has a somewhat parallel blog. Nobody there comments or finds the slur objectionable however.

oldghost32 78M
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12/26/2019 5:40 pm

When I look back at the slurs bias discrimination and prejudice we used to practise in race colour religion class and women and shrug off, that makes me cringe. Now people who apologise for political correctness should look at themselves in that context. I was just reviewing the antisemitism so obvious in the Dreyfus case of 1896, and the prejudice and opposition to Australia's General Sir John Monash in the first world war and afterwards. I find these things incomprehensible historically, yet they continue today. You won't find me saying we are over sensitive..