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2/22/2020 6:17 am
Two women drowned in a Mercedes...

Fisher Island, off the coast of Miami Beach is a haven for the very wealthy. Listed as the wealthiest zip code in America, the only way to get to Fisher Island is by boat, helicopter or ferry.

The ferry service runs 24 hours a day and requires a pre-arranged security clearance.
Earlier this week, 2 women (ages 63 and 75) became victims as they were both sitting in a Mercedes that slipped off the ferry shortly after the boat left the Miami Beach shore. Both women drowned. Their bodies recovered from the water later that evening. I read the incident occurred around 4pm.

I've seen the preparation for cars on the ferry. You pull up, single file, put your vehicle in park, apply the parking brake, attendants use wheel chocks so the vehicles don't move from rough seas. For safety, you must exit your vehicle and sit in an air conditioned passenger booth until the ferry reaches it's destination.

chatillion 71M
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2/22/2020 6:30 am

Reading another story...
Witnesses told Miami-Dade police: that the car accelerated suddenly through a lightweight barrier aboard the Pelican ferryboat and into Government Cut, just after the ferry departed from the island on Tuesday evening.

The apparent freak accident claimed Afra, 63, and her passenger, 75-year-old Viviane Brahms, of Harrison, N.Y. Hours later, police divers found the car upside down 52 feet below the surface. It was a heart-wrenching scene: The two friends were discovered in an embrace in the back seat of the car, according to multiple sources.

oldghost32 78M
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2/23/2020 1:32 am

Curious to know why you choose to copy this blog here. I don't think you actually read any responses here, do you? Teeeeell me I am wrong!

chatillion 71M
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2/23/2020 3:45 am

c4m, her car was at the front of the line.
Dock to dock was probably 15 minutes.
What happened to the wheel chocks?
Why wasn't her car motor turned off, in park and the parking brake applied?

chatillion 71M
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2/23/2020 3:47 am

ghost, I'm usually here every day and read responses.
Sadly, this site had very little activity.

Lily20145 60F
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2/23/2020 4:07 am

Year of Rat that is Metal Rat implied heavy metal may possibly sink into water.


chatillion 71M
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2/23/2020 6:21 pm

Agreed, something wasn't right.
It's local news to me so I'll keep checking to see if anything more gets posted about these 2 women. I do know that one had an arrest record for DUI.