chatillion 71M
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4/14/2020 7:29 am
First Responders, Nurses, Doctors...

They are the heroes.

chatillion 71M
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4/17/2020 6:18 pm

Not enough is said about the people who put their lives in danger.
A few blocks from my home is a hospital and someone put up a banner on the front lawn:

Paramedics, firefighters, nurses, doctors, dispatchers and a long list of staff behind the scene that make it happen. I read that several nurses had worked a night shift and when they returned to their cars in the parking lot, someone had slashed their tires. A sick individual did that.

The artwork above is slightly modified of the original that appeared on the cover to the New York Daily News magazine from their April 12, 2020 edition.
In a few weeks it's gone viral appearing on hundreds of social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.