chatillion 70M
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5/29/2020 5:28 am
Cashing in on corona...

Face masks.

chatillion 70M
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6/2/2020 10:24 am

Face masks

chinese4me2008 68M
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6/3/2020 3:02 pm

4 for $12.50 is a bargain compared to north of border - masks go for up to $6.00 each here. Ordered through Walmart - 50 masks for $38.00. They come from your buddy's BFF -until a scapegoat was needed. Problem is they sat 21 days in main postal sorting but now on have.

chatillion 70M
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6/3/2020 4:44 pm

Sorry, to hear such high prices. I thought the ones in the photo were too high.
The lowest I've seen is on Amazon.
100 surgical masks around forty cents each.
Most of the local pharmacies have them in stock now.

When this first started, all the online vendors were back-ordered so my wife had her son send some to us direct from China. It was more than a dollar each, but we had enough for family and friends.
Express delivery was 2 weeks.
We ordered more and for some unknown reason they were held in transit that took 4 weeks to get.

beyondfantasy3 111M
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6/4/2020 6:18 pm

Every Place has set high prices..... it's profiteering like crazy.

I've spent quite a bit, buying items ...
I make sure I have enough stock, in-case this Virus goes into the fall and the flu season.
At 66, I am not willing to take a risk of catching anything!!!!

I bought the N95 1/2 face Respirator before they jacked up the price, for $29.00 and extra Dual Filters Replacement for maybe around $20 or so.
the little filter that goes 'inside" I ordered those on the web they were like $2.50 or something...

I bought KN95 Face Mask @ 2 for $5.99 later they increased the price to 2 @ 9.99
I order other Face Mask that use the 2.5 filter.. (took over a month to arrive)

I bought the Tyvek suit for around $15..

Most places list the N95 respirator mask as being "Out Of Stock".

The mechanic at the shop I have my car repaired, told me that one of his workers passed away from COVID-19 and I have a friend who lost her brother. and a co-worker who lost her mother.

Some things I refuse to pay their gouging pricing,
One guy wanted to sell Rubbing Alcohol for $25 a gallon
$16 for 12-16 oz on Hand Sanitizer.

I have plenty of cleaning chemicals for disinfectant and I have Clorox Wipes I carry in my Car and another container in my Truck...

I also have a full set of items in my office at work.

Lily20145 58F
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6/6/2020 8:22 am

hope funeral costs won't go up


beyondfantasy3 111M
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8/9/2020 8:17 am

Well, I did buy the Alcohol @ $25.00 for a Gallon. (it cost 9.5 times more than gasoline)

chatillion 70M
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8/19/2020 6:41 pm

Methanol is used for hobby fuel. Combined with 2-cycle oil and nitro methane prices are as high as $40 per gallon.

chatillion 70M
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8/19/2020 6:43 pm

I found KN96 mask in the Asian market. A box of 20 for $20.
That's the best price I've seen anywhere.
Many vendors on Amazon were $5 each