chatillion 71M
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3/20/2021 8:19 am
Friday's Cat...

my way downstairs Friday morning, I found a cat the landing. This was new as I don't recall any cats around this condo building. Acknowledging the cat was , I stopped and watched him as he looked at . I continued down the stairs and ( my surprise) the cat didn't run away.

I did some errands and the cat was in the place when I returned.
Okay, something's .
Why here?
Did someone abandoned their pet as he's not afraid of me

Flashback when I was twelve years old and we had a cat named Tiki with the markings... I get it, this must be a descendant of Tiki!

So, I poured a small bowl of milk and Tiki2 (notice: I have already named this cat that I have known for less than 2 hours) started drinking the milk. I headed off work and Tiki2 was at the bottom of the stairs when I returned after dark.

My wife suggested we feed the cat and I said if we do, he will never go away and 3 minutes later I had a small bowl of Spanish style ground beef warmed in the microwave oven. By then Tiki2 was in the bushes possibly looking for food. Two seconds later the beef was on Tiki2's dinner menu!

Wanting to be a part of the virtual adoption, my wife called down to me saying the cat needed some rice. "Cat's don't eat rice", said I, but she had a scoop of rice in her hand and added the partly consumed bowl of beef. The cat stopped eating and walked away. Insisting cats eat rice, I agreed... they do, but this isn't a Chinese Cat!


chatillion 71M
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3/20/2021 8:21 am

A few neighbors coming and going all noticed the cat today and none of know where the cat came from or where the cat belongs. One woman tried to reach animal services to pick up the animal and take him to a place for care and adoption but she was turned down as Covid has that department only handling emergencies.

So for now, Tiki2 has food and can seek shelter under the stairs.

chatillion 71M
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3/21/2021 7:44 pm

Yeah, I'm it for now. Food and water.

My neighbor gave me names and numbers of a cat rescue and sanctuary.
I need to borrow an animal carry cage to relocate this cat.
Too much liability should someone trip going down the stairs.