chatillion 71M
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4/11/2021 5:32 am
Friday's Cat... the final chapter

A few weeks ago, I tried rescue a stray cat. My neighbors were feeding the cat and that's against condo rules. Borrowing a pet traveling cage I had only one adoption center that would take the cat in for processing.
The next day I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as one of the veterinarians on staff and explained the condition of the animal I dropped off.

Her statement was the cat was missing most of her teeth due infection and had lumps in her intestines with swollen lymph nodes.
The cat was in pain and beyond the point for saving...

You know the rest of the story... right?

chatillion 71M
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4/11/2021 5:35 am

I asked "Are we talking about the same cat?"

She described the animal and stated the her condition with all the problems it wouldn't be long for the cat to live and the most humane thing to do is euthanize her so she doesn't have to suffer.


chatillion 71M
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4/17/2021 4:31 am

Youth in Asia.