chatillion 71M
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7/31/2021 12:41 am
Making it to one hundred...

Gold members have the privilege of reading profiles and sending messages.
Unless the site changed their status, standard members cannot reply.
So, it's a waste of time sending messages to standard members.
That is... unless you break the rules and put contact information in your message.

My profile clearly states that I don't respond to messages.
It's been a long time, but I've been racking up unread messages and holding at 99 for some time wondering what the counter would do when it reached one hundred. Would the counter go to three digits?

I have my answer... a plus sign was added to the total.


chatillion 71M
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7/31/2021 12:44 am

Most of the messages are from people who are long-gone with deactivated profiles.
Many thanks for your contribution.

chatillion 71M
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8/10/2021 4:22 am

There was a time when participation in blogs would get you points that you could redeem and reply or message standard members.
That hasn't worked in years as my points counter doesn't increase.
Also, I recall one or two days a month the site allowed me to message. Since I do reply to anyone I don't know if it's a working feature.