chatillion 71M
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11/15/2021 3:22 pm
Anti-Vaxx fear mongering...

Vaccines are now available combat the COVID-19 pandemic the world is faced with. However, if you been following the news, a part of the population been going on social media spreading all kinds of misinformation regarding the virus.

I think we are past ' is a hoax' and 'Masks offer no protection' and lock-downs are imprisonment.

We are into bigger lies such as 'Bill Gates put microchips in the vaccine and when you are near a 5G tower, will turn you into a zombie.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.
My question is: "How do they get one microchip into a needle from a vile of vaccine?"

I am told 'the microchip is already in the needle'

Yes, that is very funny!

Today I read an article that described an anti-vaccination movement that started early in the 19th century where people were skeptical of the smallpox vaccine. They were stating the side effects they dreaded were far more terrifying.
For example: blindness, deafness, ulcers, a gruesome skin condition called "cowpox mange" - even sprouting hoofs and horns.

Publications with artist sketches were passed out (mis) inform the public.

What say ye about the current vaccines reduce the spread and severity of a COVID-19 infection?

chatillion 71M
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11/15/2021 3:23 pm

I know of many people who are bullheaded, but that is a personality quirk and not something caused by vaccine.