chatillion 71M
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11/26/2021 3:59 pm
What's wrong with this picture?

At one point, I was a member of 6 different dating sites. I am down to two. With all the exposure I have seen many different types of scammers.

From a previous blog, I received some comments about scammers and what to look for to avoid them. The reason why is not all are noticeable at first. Some take a few messages or video chat before you realize the person you are talking to is a fake.

I plan to post that information in a future blog.

Tonight, I am posting a screen shot of some members who viewed my profile a few days ago.


chatillion 71M
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11/26/2021 4:00 pm

Can you guess what is wrong with the photo?

Natureseeker 59M

11/26/2021 7:35 pm

News flash... I don't know the exact percentage, but I would be willing to make a large wager that over half of the "women" on here that say they live somewhere in the U.S. are actually scammers.

chatillion 71M
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11/27/2021 1:14 am

The same photo appears on 2 profiles from different countries and both have their mail address listed in the opening line.

chatillion 71M
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11/29/2021 9:50 pm

It took a few days, but the 2 fake accounts are gone now!