chatillion 71M
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1/18/2023 3:40 am
Ridding this site of scammers...

I am here a few times a week and find some new members using stolen photos of models. What do I do? Report them as fraud. But, they are not removed. I find this frustrating as they are here to deceive the other members.

I have reported one fake a few times but the profile is active.

chatillion 71M
1589 posts
1/18/2023 3:41 am

Happy New Year 2023.
I guess nothing will change.

ru4me09 68M  
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1/19/2023 4:39 am

in the past 5 years i have been contacted by numerous fakes and scammers. the site used to be ok, but that was a long time ago.

CuriousMonkey 50M
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2/7/2023 4:25 am

I have just joined this site & agree with you - so many beautiful photos of ladies looking for love.... I am cautious...