chatillion 72M
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8/13/2023 11:42 am
Running out of money...

It was reported that Donald J. Trump was using campaign donations to fund his legal defense. That may put him under investigation for misuse of funds.

It is now a top story that he has spent more than forty-million on legal fees.

chatillion 72M
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8/13/2023 11:46 am

The people who fueled his campaign with donations appear to be catching up on where their money is going and many have stopped donating.
Today, I read he is down more than one hundred million. If this keeps up the prediction he may have to decide to pay his attorneys for the 3 lawsuits or cut back on campaigning.

What would you do if this happened to you?

beyondfantasy3 113M
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8/26/2023 3:06 pm

Trump owed cities lots of money for security during all those belligerent fest, I'm not sure he ever paid them, it likely was paid for out of campaign contributions, even when he was not officially listed as campaigning.

Time is an interesting things, truth always comes to surface within the passing of time.