chatillion 71M
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9/23/2023 9:50 pm
Another round of COVID...

I noticed the local pharmacy had remove the plastic shields at the registers. None of the grocery store staff are wearing masks. A small percentage of the customers in several stores are making up.
Things appeared to be getting back to normal and now I see the office staff at two physician's office are masking up this month saying some of their patients have tested positive for COVID, or variant.

chatillion 71M
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9/23/2023 9:51 pm

Working remote and only go to my office when needed keeps me away from the crowd. At least seven friends, coworkers and family have been hit. Some had COVID more than a year ago and describe this round as headaches, sore throat, fever, but all said little or no respiratory issues they experienced before. Some only self-quarantined 3 to 4 days or until they test negative.