chatillion 71M
2262 posts
4/8/2024 5:38 pm
How can we get you off of this site?

I've seen some women with the same profile photo for more than TEN YEARS.
Surely, you don't look like that now.
Maybe it is something the guys didn't see about your photo then that would make them interested enough to pay for membership so they can send you messages.

What has to be done so guys will notice you and start a relationship?

chatillion 71M
1570 posts
4/8/2024 5:41 pm

Seriously, if you have been here ten years and haven't found someone, either something is wrong with this site or something wrong with your profile. Maybe both?

If you cannot catch a fish, it's time to change your bait.

CarleneSC 39F

4/15/2024 1:35 am

I think 10 years says it all , they're probably having fun . No one would be on the site for 10 years if they're looking for something serious.

oldghost32 78M
220 posts
5/12/2024 6:02 am

Haven't you, like me, been on this site for 20+ years. I started in Dec 1999.
In fact I have met quite a few face to face and made a very few long term friends.
I don't bother updating my photo except when I get deleted...
None of the people I met here long ago remain here, let it be known, apart from sadsacks like me, ... and you!

chatillion 71M
1570 posts
5/13/2024 9:09 am

Your absence was noted. I hope things are good your way...

15 years ago, maybe longer, we got credits for blog comments that could be redeemed to send messages to members. I used them until that perk was removed.

They tightened the site restrictions forcing people to pay to reply to messages.

I only come here to report scammers and it often takes 2 or 3 reports (with proof they are scammers) to get a profile deleted.