chatillion 72M
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6/3/2024 8:02 pm
New word - doxxing...

Doxxing is a new word for me. A description is to post personal information about someone online. That not a good thing.

I read in the news today, that after the hush money trial, an attempt was made against witness Michael Cohen to have his family doxxed, putting them in jeopardy.

chatillion 72M
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6/3/2024 8:04 pm

The way I see it... nothing good can come from this.

jenniferwilliams 34F
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6/5/2024 6:19 am

Doxxing is indeed a troubling term and practice. It refers to the act of publicly sharing someone's personal information online without their consent, which can include their address, phone number, or other sensitive details. This often puts the person and their family at risk of harassment or harm.

I read in the news today that after the hush money trial, there was an attempt to doxx witness Michael Cohen and his family, putting them in jeopardy. This is a serious and concerning development, highlighting the dangerous implications of doxxing and the need for stronger protections against such actions.

chatillion 72M
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6/5/2024 9:46 am

Thanks for your comment.
The million dollar question is who would have instigated such activity?