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2/28/2016 1:54 am
Mitt Romney questions Donald Trump tax situation

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has a "bombshell" hidden in his tax returns, the party's 2012 nominee Mitt Romney has warned.

Mr Romney says the billionaire was "dodging and delaying" on releasing his returns, which could shake up the race.

Mr Trump has hit back calling the ex-governor "one of the dumbest and worst candidates" in Republican history.

Donald Trump swept to victory in Nevada on Tuesday, his third straight win in the Republican race for nomination.

The 69-year-old easily defeated his rivals, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Ben Carson, ahead of the all-important "Super Tuesday" next week when 11 states are due to decide on their party candidates and a quarter of all nominating delegates are up for grabs.

All five Republican candidates are set to square off in another presidential debate in Houston, Texas, later on Thursday.

This is outrageous that Trump has been delaying on releasing his tax returns for the reason of IRS has audited his tax return for the past 12 years. We, as middle class, have to pay every cent for tax. How can people vote for this person to be our leader?

On immigration, Trump wants to build a wall that is 35-foot-high and 1,000 miles long for 10 - 12 billions and have Mexico pay for it. This is absurd. What if Mexico won't pay for it? Is Trump gonna attack Mexico?

Trump keeps interrupting other candidates talking, two or three people talking at same time, so we can't hear a thing.

On "foreign policy", Trump doesn't know anything. Hugh Hewitt asked Donald Trump about America's nuclear triad. Trump demonstrates he has no idea what that is. John Iadarola delivers his Final Judgement on the worst debate answer.

Why did people vote for Trump? I am worry about our country. How can Trump be a leader of the free world? It is inconceivable if Trump win the election. His arrogant attitude, aggressive personality, "hot air" talking, his ignorance about foreign policy,..., etc. I simply can't image USA future if he wins the election. I don't like to talk about "politics" in the public, but I just can't help it.

Honesty is the best policy.

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2/28/2016 12:43 pm

    Quoting beyondfantasy3:
    many won't comment on subjects like this, because people don't want to see beyond the fiction, and some are challenged by their own thoughts. It's really a sad situation.
This is Chinese FriendFinder website that most of them are NOT U.S. citizens. Some people don't like to talk about "politics" which is very sensitive topic.

I just can't help myself to say about Donald Trump's egoistic attitude and personality.
He doesn't want to reveal his tax returns for his own purpose.
He discriminates Mexican, Muslim, Blacks, and women.
He is pro gun ownership.

I can't agree with him in any aspects. It is against my will to vote for him.

Honesty is the best policy.

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2/28/2016 12:19 pm

many won't comment on subjects like this, because people don't want to see beyond the fiction, and some are challenged by their own thoughts. It's really a sad situation.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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2/28/2016 11:23 am

Trump gets support from KKK, and blow hards like Christie and if one goes down the list it becomes visible. There are many people who can't digest that American will not return to the 1950's and early 1960's where most offices and leadership in every kind of arena was controlled predominantly by white males. Even when it came to International Relations, during that era, people stomped around the globe looking down on others and thinking that they were the unquestioned leaders of anything and everything. These are the same people and their off-springs, Who sold away the industrial power of the U.S. for short term gains, all wanting to live the " Leave it to Beaver" community imagery and all the shows from the early 1960's which pushed a predominant one ethnicity image of America. some still want the "Happy Days Imagery" as if there were only one ethnicity of people in America.
The Crazy thing, is more than 10 yrs or so ago, people came to this site seemingly with a "Bonanza" mindset about Chinese Women. But time has made people realize there are not weak, subservient, desperate women, they are strong independent individuals, who are not all on here chasing the 1950's imagery of thinking to catch a white male is their ultimate answer to life.
The world is a very different place than it was decades ago, now many countries have economic means. If people remember, in the late late 1970's to the 1980's it was all about "Japanese", and other Asian were considered much as being secondary and some were even considered third tier or lower. China was not considered favorably. but Once Japan lost its leadership in Industry and its economic's changed, then it became about the S. Koreans, and Taiwan and there was a mass influx of Filipino's who came to America and dominated airport security, nursing and other types of industry, Now, because China has the economic might, you rarely see or hear about Japanese, and they are not featured in film like they were, its now more promotion of Chinese imagery.

None of these places did anything to American people in the last 50 or so years, American's did it to themselves, by chasing slave labor on foreign soil, and now those same countries "own" the Industrial sector. We have become a importing nation, who can't furnish our homes without imports. We even gave up the dominance in American Auto Industry, now if people remember, when Honda entered the industry, it had a small inexpensive little car, now Honda is rated one of the better vehicles, The same with Hyundia, and Kia, they now compete with anything American produces. The even sadder part, is American Greed, destroyed Detroit, and now America named vehicles are being made in Canada and Mexico.

Yet, the same groups that cater to Trump will never open their eyes and blame the "American White Males who headed the corporations who lusted for the opportunity to "outsource something" and give themselves a bonus for doing so. They set up the madness, borrowing against 'fake value' of over inflated stock, and RESULT: to bury companies in debt it could not pay, which left the option, to close the company, sell it, sell off parts, or outsource it all together" - This is the Ignorance of Greed Training they received via the University madness and its delusion teaching.
They set up the "no duty/tariff" thinking they'd control industry in China and ship things back to the US for free, but what happen is China used its money and became smart via the use of the same computer system to get and use data, and ultimately build industry and take the American out of the equation and the result is "China can now use those duty and tariff free routes to flood American with any commodity they want. There is nothing at this time that America can do to change it. America once had a quota system which somewhat functioned, but when they left open the back door through NAFTA, not only could things be mass shipped to America through the American ports, it could now have double the amount coming across the border from Mexico.
GREED!!!!! and the aim to make sure that "the poor" did not advane in America, (who makes up the poor?) it is "women", "minorities of all ethnicity", "poor whites". The Wealthy Industrialist have set up a system where they no longer earn millions, they now count their profit in $Billions, and the people who are among "The Poor" are now Poorer than ever before !!!!
(this is the stuff no one wants to talk about, but everyone feels the impacts).
Now, greed is so crazy, the same "Anglo white male" in America want to sell the "Chicago Stock Exchange" to China. I say, white males, because it is no other ethnicity in the position to make such a "short term gain sale".

Trump plays to these anguished people, who can't and don't want to see the folly that is created by "Executive White Males", and they want to blame it on the Mexican's and who ever else.

Even when it comes to Public Service, Republican won't tell it constituency, that it is "white people" at a ratio of 7:1 who receive public service benefits above any and all minorities in this country, in some areas the ratio is even higher.
But they also won't tell their constituency, to look at all the professional and semi professionals who rely on public service funds as their resource pool to make and gain their profits. . When Right Wing politicians talk about cutting things, it will devastate the poor white society more than they know. Then there is the vast segments of Industrial and Professional Society who rely heavy on Government Contracts, but they want to push some delusion as if to leave everything up to free enterprise. When reality is, Free enterprise rarely ever delivers anything the government contracts at the contracted value. It is ALWAYS cost over-runs, and by the time it is delivered if it is ever delivered, it has cost 3-4 times the original estimate.

Look at what are among the biggest business " Google", "Facebook" and such, and what do they sell? They sell "membership numbers" to gain ADVERTISING REVENUE.... What are they Advertising? "Foreign Imported Goods",
"Apple" claims mass value, where is their product produced? "China" These things tell a story that many of the Right Winger don't want to acknowledge and Trump certainly is not going to tell them the real truths.

Our Stock market is flooded with Industry, trading at 300-3000% above their capability to produce, so they do nothing but "buy and sell each other" to one another and whip out components of industry, to try and balance books that can't be balanced, nor can they produce anything to meet the value claim their stocks trade for. It's a BUBBLE !!!!!
America is a beer drinking country, yet for the sake of "short term gains and greed' they have sold off brewery's. It's pure insanity.
Then we have mass volumes who take the gains and stash them offshore and then complain about the government.
Companies like Sears and J.C. Penny and the Waldorf Astoria are things that should never have met with such madness, but Sears and J.C.Penny stand on the verge of collapse, and now the Chinese own the Waldorf Astoria.
American University "Now" train this madness into the unaware student population, and they pay massive amount for degree's that have no practical usage and no industry to absorb them. Many people work no where close to the field of their claimed degree. It's so crazy now, until there is no respect for the BA and BS, because University has groomed Industry to seek Master Degree's because it means more money for the University, but the people come out with limited skills.
The mass of the so called Red States (Republican) people are unaware, because as the media said, many of the Trump supporters are uneducated and under-educated and those who are educated are anguished because they paid for useless degrees and now are strapped with debt, they can't pay.
Since the late 1970's when Union busting went into overdrive, the 'degree riders" considered themselves the only valuable persons in industry, and pushed the message that American workers were no good and it was not worth it to pay them, because Degree riders were upset at high seniority Union workers making more than the 4 yr wonders who were told they were the chosen people. They proceeded to decimate the actual workers and take away benefits and rights, pay and ultimately take away their voice, by busting the union, which was the only collective voice the people had.

These are things no on is actually talking about in the political arena, Sander's tries, but he is not going to make it because the things he want to dismantle can't be dismantled. Each of the other Republican want to push Austerity, and Austerity only benefits and give more profits to the wealthy. then the Republican (each of them), talk as if they want to be dictators and authoritarians as if this is some Authoritarian Government, or some Plutocracy, they talk as if there is no congress, as if there is no popular process of one vote for one person. They have tried to get industry to put up enough money to buy away the remaining voice of the people. Remember, Republicans spent over a $Billion trying to buy the office of President for Romney.

China has artifacts and building structures older than America, and still Americas who hold wealthy and are driven by greed and the avarice which follows can't understand the value of "Legacy". to Build to Sustain !!!!
China would never consider selling any aspect of its Stock Market to America, or anyone else.
China and many other countries will not sell its Marquee facilities or Industry to anyone !!!! They are not going to just let anyone come and buy up their land just because the person has money. Greed blinds American to the point we sell anything without fore-though and disregard for Legacy.

Remember, George Bush tried to OUTSOURCE the management of our U.S. Ports to Dubai, a Muslim/Islamic location, while in the middle of a war with Islamic/Muslim people. That's how insidious thing have become.

Every country knows, INDUSTRY BUILDS NATIONS, America was dumb enough to Outsource its Industry, and then can't figure out why its in such a decline? Purely Outrageous !!!! but what the people don't understand is, the Wealthy don't care, because they can go any place in the world and live because they have money, but they have no sense of National Pride and National Value and no sense of National Legacy.
(some won't like this post, but people need to open their eyes and their mind)

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2/28/2016 11:00 am

I see people with their personality, attitude, intelligence, .... NOT on their wealth.
Trump manipulated IRS, so he got audited for years and he uses this twist reason to delay in releasing his tax returns. He set bad example for all taxpayers. He only concern about his wealth. Rich people avoid pay tax is shameful.

Trump says everything in order to get elected. The world will laugh us for the embarrassment that we don't have a decent candidate. Trump is a real estate mogul, so stay who he is, don't come out to be presidential candidate. He put USA in shame.

He wants to build a wall at border with Mexico. Next time whichever country against USA, he just build another walls?? Can he build a wall between ISIS and USA???

We need to carry guns wherever we go in the future? Because we have 2nd Amendment right? This is terrifying me.

Trump doesn't respect women by calling with names "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals,” as Kelly began questioned him on the first debate. We are the civilized country, we don't criticize women with names.

What else I don't like about Trump? It is about everything.

Honesty is the best policy.

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2/28/2016 10:12 am

if you visit Citi-data, and read some of the stuff people from the Right Winger Mentality write, you'd see what the mindset of some of these people who vote for Trump has.
Probably the better word to describe some of them is "confabulates". (PSYCHIATRY)
fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory.
They choose to indulge in "Selective Amnesia". FREQUENTLY.

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2/28/2016 9:05 am

I definitely won't vote for Donald Trump. I feel rich people should pay "fair share" (higher bracket) of taxes as Warren Buffett has suggested. Donald Trump will put USA in shame to avoid paying income taxes, to build a wall at border, to discriminate different races or religions, to danger our foreign policy, to carry guns to concert or restaurant just in case of terrorist attack? He said if he were president, the 2nd Amendment will be "protected". This horrified me. He twisted the fact with nonsense, ridiculous thoughts. It will be a disaster for our country.

If you are W-2 wage earners, you need to pay every dollar of your earring. If you invested in stock market, the computer has record for every trade you did, you need to pay "capital gain". Why Donald Trump doesn't need to pay income taxes or avoid to release his tax returns? He manipulate IRS, so he got audited. He set bad example for our citizens who pays income taxes. Rich people get richer.

He said Mexico sent , drug dealers to USA, so he will build a wall at border. Will he also build a wall in between Canada and us? He also stated that he has hired thousands of Mexicans to work for him. What a twist mind he has !!

We don't want to carry guns to a music concert or restaurant just to defend ourselves in a terrorist attack. What kind of world will be if we have to carry a gun all the time? The 2nd Amendment will be "protected" if Trump were president of USA. OMG, ridiculous.

When Hugh Hewitt asked Trump "what is America's priority on nuclear triad?". His answer was totally irrelevant to the question with loud voice.

It is sad to see people voted for him. It is a shame that he is a frontrunner of Republican party. I am worry about our country.

Honesty is the best policy.