1ClassyLady 68F
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1/10/2021 6:03 am
Bully internet troll, Trumplican, own gun, emailed me twice

His username is "andromeda88", 69 y/o, living in Chewelah, Washington state. Gold member on AFF

His 1st email:

Trump did wrong, but the left did wrong all summer. There were all kinds of voter irregularities. Soon we will have a one party system like other dictatorships. People like me are tired of being demonized. The far left is horrible for freedom. the way, I wrote the White House and told Trump his rhetoric screwed conservatives probably for a generation. He did wrong, but just wait to see what the left does. They will now get my guns until they me. They are communists pigs on the far right. So are BLM and Antifa.

1/9/2021 2:24 pm
His 2nd email:

Well, I can say a lot about your sides arrogance, lies and corruption but you aren't worth my time. Just keeping watching one news outlet so you can stay intellectually dishonest.

1/ 10 /2021 :49 am
He also write one comment in my blog. After read his sarcastic comment about Honesty is the Best Policy and emails and I blocked him. I don't lie, I am not a left winger either. I am anti-communist as I repeatedly mentioned, I don't own gun but my house and car security system is very good. This guy is new and bully as Trump. He is a Trumplican. I don't have F B, Tw**ter , so nobody can find me.

This guy has no quality, a typical Trump follower. Shame on him!!! .

I copied and pasted his 2 emails and his photo on Chinese FriendFinder to prove that I didn't lie.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
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1/12/2021 9:52 am

All Chinese FriendFinder female member should be careful with this violent man.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
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1/10/2021 6:28 am

He thinks he can humiliate me without anyone knows. No, I am not a easy target. I reported him to AFF, although Chinese FriendFinder won't do a thing to him.

If I am left wing, I won't point out the CCP crimes so many times. I am NOT a Trump follower. Trump lied so many times to his followers and brainwashed so many mobs, thugs go on Capitol Hill to destroy government building. The world sees what those right wing extremists real crimes.

This guy dare to challenge me on Chinese FriendFinder email, I will show his emails to every blogger.

Honesty is the best policy.