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7/23/2023 10:05 pm
Where Is China’s Foreign Minister? 秦刚?

China’s foreign minister, a tough-talking diplomat seen as something of a protégé to President Xi Jinping, has not been seen in 4 weeks, fueling speculation about his disappearance during a critical time for relations between Beijing and Washington.

Qin Gang 秦刚, 57, is one of China’s most prominent voices to the outside world, a former ambassador to the U.S. before Xi promoted him to foreign minister in Dec 2022. Although he and his country have recently tempered their style, Qin was an early adopter of the combative rhetoric later known as China’s “wolf warrior diplomacy.”

But Qin appears to have missed a flurry of high-profile visits, including those this month by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and U.S. climate envoy John Kerry.

“It’s impossible to know why he has not been seen, because secrecy is part of the political system in China and there is very little information when it comes to public figures,” said Frans-Paul van der Putten, a senior researcher at the Clingendael Institute, a Dutch think tank. “What we do know is that this should be a very important moment for Qin Gang 秦刚, given his background and knowledge of the West, when there are all of these high-level meetings going on,” van der Putten added. “But he is not there.”

The last record of Qin being seen in public was in Beijing on June 25, when he met counterparts from Russia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry website.

Ten days later, on July 5, China without explanation canceled a meeting between Qin and European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who had been due to travel to China.

Qin’s absence remained largely unnoticed until last week, when he was due to attend a diplomatic gathering at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Indonesia. His ministry’s spokesman, Wang Wenbin 汪文斌, told a briefing two days before that Qin would miss the event because of “health reasons.”

This quote, reported by Reuters, was omitted from the ministry’s online transcript of the briefing. Subsequent attempts to ask about Qin’s whereabouts at the ministry’s daily briefings have not been answered, then similarly excluded from the written record.

“I have no information to provide on this question,” Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning 毛寧said, according to a livestream on the YouTube channel of Taiwan’s CTI TV.

“I don’t know about the case you mentioned,” Mao毛寧 told one of the Western journalists who repeatedly asked about Qin’s return. “China’s diplomatic activities are being carried out as usual,” she told another.

China’s new ambassador to the U.S., Xie Feng,谢锋 did not shed any light on Qin’s whereabouts when he spoke at the Aspen Security Forum. When asked whether Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. secretary of state, who is visiting Beijing had met Qin, the Chinese ambassador said: “Well, let’s wait and see.” He declined to elaborate.

The ambassador also warned the U.S. against allowing Taiwan’s vice president, Lai Ching-te 賴清德, from making a stop in the U.S. on his way to Paraguay 巴拉圭 next month.

Who is the woman in the picture 2? 傅晓田 Does she have extramarital affairs with Qin Gang 秦刚? There is a picture that 傅晓田 held her 1 year old on a social media said "Daddy is too busy to attend his 's birthday." In the same page there is Qin Gang 秦刚 picture in separate picture. What did she imply who the baby boy's father is?? But Qin Gang 秦刚 wife is not 傅晓田. However, in China that top officers have mistress are very common news.

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12/7/2023 9:50 pm

Former Chinese foreign minister Qin Gong秦刚, who was stripped of his title in July, has reportedly died, either from suicide or torture.

As report in Politico said 2 people with access to top Chinese officials have claimed that Qin 秦刚 died in late July at a military hospital in Beijing. It was alleged that Gang 秦刚 was removed from the position after an investigation concluded that he had an extramarital affair and fathered a child while serving as US ambassador.


Oh My Gosh, ..... the dark side of CCP leader Xi, Jing-Ping.

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8/5/2023 4:43 pm

Up to this date, public still don't know Qin Gang 秦刚 and 傅晓田 Fu Xiaotian whereabouts.

Qin Gang 秦刚 had been promoted rapidly by Xi. CCP insiders tried to pull down Qin Gang 秦刚 that he delayed "Rocket Army" 火箭軍 divulged secrets to the USA. The U.S. Defense Dept revealed an article with who is the leader of "Rocket Army" 火箭軍 information and soldiers with their English names and Chinese names.

Xi fired all the personnel in "Rocket Army" 火箭軍 and named Navy and Air Force to replace "Rocket Army" 火箭軍 personnel.

As Qin Gang 秦刚, he didn't divulge any secret of "Rocket Army" 火箭軍. However, he delayed to tell Xi. CCP are always very opaque. It is difficult for outsiders to know what CCP are doing.

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7/25/2023 5:50 pm

CCP announced publicly exactly one month that Qin Gang 秦刚 has been fired from China’s Foreign Minister position. However, CCP keep Qin Gang 秦刚 "State Councilor" 國務委員 position. Well, at least he is alive.

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7/23/2023 10:32 pm

There is a rumor or "speculative guess" that the woman in the picture傅晓田 is a "double spy" that was the reason that Qin Gang 秦刚 has been disappeared for 4 weeks.

傅晓田 Fu Xiaotian is the presenter and producer of Talk with World Leaders. She is a recipient of the Order of the Star of Italy. Fu worked in London when she first joined Phoenix TV, taking on the roles of Chief Correspondent and Bureau Chief. In 2011, she journeyed twice to Libya as a wartime reporter.

傅晓田Fu Xiaotian graduated from Cambridge University in England with master degree. Is she a spy?? Did she have any political connection with Qin Gang 秦刚?


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