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6/22/2014 6:58 am
Fast Depriceation of some "Things"

It's astounding how fast and how much some cars loose value. Some top models, seem to loose between 15k or more a year,
Some of the vehicles people paid 80K maybe 6-8-10 yrs ago, can be bought for under 10k.

I guess this is what it take to keep the market moving for the wealthy. they have the cash to burn.

Even for the average person, I wonder how many truly factor the cost of a vehicle by the year. Add up depreciation, payment cost, fuel and maintenance - It then looks very different than just basing it on the monthly payment amount.

They have many formula, to insure that vehicles do not retain the value, especially for those types, that people who "must keep up with the Jones" type of mindset.
The very wealthy will probably ridicule each other, if one or the other has a car over 5 or more years old, and the up and coming seem to require the new car and the housing upgrades which meet with the 'status of the community standards they pursue".

It's rather interesting, One either likes their car, or they don't... what ever is the reasoning become influenced by many things. A times change, companies come and go, and people who were once secure in their jobs find changes in the over speculated, over leveraged and over expanded companies continue to force companies into liquidation and sell off. So many find themselves suddenly with career changes they did not foresee nor plan for.,
there are many many people who earn up to 500k a year, still living only 6 months from bankruptcy. Nothing at the current time would bring many of those to think in terms of downsizing their outflow of cash burn.
We sometimes wonder at what point does youth change. for some maybe it does not. As we'd all like to be young forever, but reality is just not going to grant that like unto us.

I've finally got my house where it an be covered by pension income in case anything goes awry. it took me making many many mistakes. One is: I should have paid 'cash" for the house when I bought it, and another I should have come here and looked before I bought it. I bought it without ever seeking it, because I was In California at the time and could not get away to come and scan the market. I did find out that other nice communities I probably could have saved 30-40K and maybe even acquired a larger lot. but, I'm close to hospital, shopping, freeway access and other amenities. I have noticed a change in the demographic in the past year, which is fine, as long as everyone maintains their home, I won't worry so much about that.

As it seems unless one is in an Executive Community, most other working class of professional and semi professional people will change when it has such a mix. However, there are some communities which has very nice Executive homes, years ago, seem to have become downgraded as people who can't truly afford them moved into these homes, This scenario became a disaster when people moved into many Craftsman Era Home, maybe the parents had good jobs, they may have retired or died and some their could not maintain the upkeep. and 1000's upon 1000's of thee home simply fell into mass despair. Yet, on the other side of a Major street, the people who are professional and semi professional moved into those Craftsman era homes and they have maintained them and converted their community to an upscale community where the home prices keep out people who can't afford to maintain the homes.
The one area with the Executive homes I mentioned above, the Neighborhood Assn. is trying to halt its decline and bring that area back up.

Very poor whites, very poor minorities are unable to afford what it takes to keep homes up, therefore it is logical that people want to move up to a nice community, but if one can't afford the upkeep, they will ultimately bring down the community. Yes, this include all (poor) minorities, from black, Asian, Latin and other and certainly too, all poor whites, I advocate heavily for Vocational and Technical Training because in many cases that it the pathway upwards for many of the of these groups. They are not going to commit to 20-30-40k a year for university expenses, but if they get a vocation or trade, they may insure their can go to University or they may go themselves once they are stable.

It's sad to see communities fail. It even more sad when the system of politicians and the so called educated can't see beyond themselves, and what results is squalor surrounding their community like compounds. They find themselves confined within their 10 block radius, the same as the poor find themselves confined in their 10 block radius.

People making babies without thought of having the time or resource to raise that , then there are those who think getting every marquee thing for their is the answer, and when parents can no longer afford to buy these things, their may be more prone to seek means to get these things by devious means.

so many raise their to want the expense stuff right away, and we see young people who barely have their foot in the door of employment, go out and buy vehicles that range from 45-80K... they suddenly want to move into the house which strains their income, which results to lack of resources for upkeep and maintenance, so the car and the home both decline at the same rapid rate. What comes next, is DIVORCE, because they can't sustain the delusion they pursued.

They don't have the sensibilities to earn and work their way to having a higher standards, instead they want it "right now".

So.... It's astounding how fast and how much some cars loose value. Some top models, seem to loose between 15k or more a year,
Some of the vehicles people paid 80K maybe 6-8-10 yrs ago, can be bought for under 10k. as goes the car so goes the community along with it, because so much is tied together in the name of the status game.

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6/22/2014 7:25 am

Iphone and Android phones seem to have a lock on fast depreciation, with new models pushed every 6 months, and people rush out to buy and have the latest.
the Ipad seems to push the same agenda, and people rush out. never factoring the cost of the list of fixed carrier who insure that data packages carry a premium and each time, they find they have not much more than a phone, with generic capabilities, a camera and accessibility to the likes of facebook and twitter and other social media data collecting sites.
I see many who use their phones for banking, to everything. which may be good and my not be, I don't know, as I don't do nor enter any banking data on my phone, nor do I use the email I use for banking on my phone.

I've had a facebook profile way back when it was connected to university campuses, but I don't frequent it. I was going to delete it, but I don't think that is truly possible, because at some point facebook is going to retain info on all pre-existing accounts, and if they have found means to link the person, they still will track the person by collateral means.
( it's now become funny, I see people get in the elevator at work and the first thing they do is start their thumbs to scrolling their phones, and when I look, they are 90% of them, going to facebook.) some just scroll and they end up actually doing nothing but 'scrolling".
I see people texting while driving, and their thumbs just scrolling while they are driving, walking and the most rude thing is in meeting people are scrolling through their phone. It would be different if they were taking notes, but that is not much of the common activity.

I see family member when we gather, all the young people have their heads down scrolling ... they are even playing games while the family is trying to engage conversations.
As with many people, when the next model comes out, suddenly not only the parents, but the kids all scream for a newer phone. I would think the average family may spend at least $200 a month for phones, the more kids they have the more money they spend.
People seem to talk a lot. even when driving to work, I see people have long conversation for the duration of the freeway drive. At such an early hour I wonder is anything really that important and if it is, how is it that no prep work was done, where the conversation could simply be a brief re-check.

The one that is really funny, is the people who go into the antic, if they think others are watching, they start with the dynamic hand movements, the varied facial expressions and the drama which seems to be more important than the facts of matters.
I wonder how many kids go hungry, in lieu of the cell phone bills or having the latest gadget. I wonder how much it cost companies for the 'facebook time" during working hours. Or the lack of creativity which results from 'facebook time and gaming involvements on the phones"?

I see a great deal of time with family members communicating during working hours trying to manage the activities of each other, and work at the same time. Or the massive amount of 'spy activity", such as checking up to see where the other is.

I remember years ago, girls would answer a phone during sex, just to insure their mate they were not doing anything. I'm sure it is probably done even more so today than ever before, because they can put the phone on "mute".. and they are banging away, while the mate thinks they are listening to them bicker or ramble on about something.

The new models are arriving so I guess people need to get their money lined up....

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6/26/2014 6:13 am

At some point there expanse of reality will touch everyone, but these things seem to be neglected in discussion. Yet, people are faced with many of the very same things on a daily basis.

Those seeking relationships, might want to expand their subject matter far and beyond just their erogenous aims and consumptive concerns. Then they might be with more competency within the aim and efforts at making and sustaining relationship. Because one thing is certain .
"reality will show up", whether you plan for it or whether you don't.