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7/1/2014 5:09 pm
Self Identity

It matters much how you understand your self identity - it equally matters how much of flexibility one has within self identity; to enable one to meld and merge with the character traits of others.

This is true in living environments, in working environments, and in general social situations.

How much of self accdeptance one has of themselves is often critical, and those with high egrees and levels of uncertainty as to self acceptance, will make for a uncomfortable relationship situation and it will become generally a short lived association.

People carry baggage and within those bags is pains, joys, fantasy, illusions, delusions and a host of ideals and ideas. It's like any luggage, some people just throw things in a suitcase, and there are others who take time to arrange what is in their suitcase and they have placed it there with great care and considerations. ( often it is these types who have learned the lessons within what is within their baggage, and they understand more of what it means to embrace compassion's in the relationships they bring their baggage into)

The wise will not rush into a relationship, they will 'grow into it", but often times many have so little patience, they result to collect more and more emotional things which they quickly toss in the suitcase and slam it shut. They are then off on another hunt. The bag eventually get's heavy, and when they open it, an onslaught of madness comes out, sadly, they are unable to toss it and too distraught to fold and repack the case neatly. They store up the case, and go and try and find a bigger suitcase.
It's easy to spot those who carry 'trunks", as they have gathered more than a suitcase can hold.

For these types, the make up get's thicker, the clothes have to be more expensive, and they seek drama to drown out their own thoughts and they want to be entertained to avoid thinking about what is within their own reality. These types will be restless and unable to truly appreciate anything for more than a short and brief moment.

If you are not rich, there is no need to pretend, if you are not a social status minion, then why seek to be one.

It is often those who accept their own self identity in being whom they are, whom is often the ones who find love, and they don't spend forever looking, because they understand much about whom they are, and that is what they seek to share, this is far more important to them, than to be one who is seeking someone to make them become something they are not.
they know the difference in sharing with someone, which helps them become all they can be, in being whom they are.. than to be chasing illusions seeking to be what they are not.

It does not matter how much money you have or don't have, it does not matter what your face looks like or does not look like, it does not matter what your ass shape is or is not.. Because in the whole of life, there is someone who will appreciate you as being beautiful in their eyes. as well as it is important for you to feel beautiful in the concept of your own self identity.

Too many women are often too caught up in trying to be "every-woman", until they fail at being themselves. some try and change based on the costume, until they result to make themselves simply a caricature figure and then over time wonder whom they are.
Men too often get lost in either trying to base himself by a measure of monetary and material things, or the pretense of having monetary and material things, result often times to be quite frustrated, because he is unsure if he is desired for himself as a person, or the monetary or material things. He will become over time, fragile in being whom he is. or jaded to the point he is hardened and distrusting even more so.

It does not matter if you have a lot or a little of monetary or material things, it does not matter if you have a big weenie or a little weenie, it does not matter if you have big breast or little breast. Realize this: there are people who can barely make it from pay day to pay day, and some are even homeless, and still love each other deeply and sincerely, as well as there are women who have had mastectomies and men who have erectile dysfunctions, and they still have relationships built with a great depth and sincerity within loving each other.

One has to become first and foremost adult enough to accept that love, is love and it has no criteria of such things, it bases itself in the care people share with and of each other as simply a individual. that care is often deep and silent as well as it is outward and jubilant, it is many things and suffices to fulfill each who embrace and share it, and it in turn makes each of them become more of what they can be.

Self Identity.... It matters much how you understand your self identity


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7/2/2014 5:05 pm

It's amazing how the ever-expanding reality continues to expose our selves unto our self.