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7/2/2014 5:04 pm
Rebuttal - Now what???

There was a post a week or so ago about this subject.

Rebuttal- WTF !!!!!

(From News)

Researchers estimate that HPV throat cancer in men will be more common than cervical cancer in women in the U.S.

Two years ago, a 50-year-old biotech CEO who also had HPV throat cancer. Last year, the actor Michael Douglas said that his throat cancer was caused by HPV. (He suspects it was from Cunnilingus)

The point is that these are men much like Dimon: CEOs and consultants, men at the peak of their lives and professional power. And their numbers are increasing. [/quote]

How do you get HPV cancer? HPV is sexually transmitted. It’s mainly known as a cause of cervical cancer, which is what happens when it infects women. But men can get it by performing cunnilingus. It’s also possible, though less likely, that it can be transmitted by kissing. Eighty percent of sexually active people between the ages of 14 and 44 have had oral sex with an opposite sex partner. Researchers estimate that HPV throat cancer in men will be more common than cervical cancer in women in the U.S.

One hope is that the vaccines developed to prevent HPV infection in women – Gardasil, from Merck , and Cervarix, from GlaxoSmithKline – could prevent HPV infection in the throat and, therefore, cancer later on. But there’s no way to prove this. Drug companies funded studies showing the vaccines prevented the formation of precancerous lesions in the cervix, but there’s no way to do something similar in the throat.

( What a shame, if you have intercourse, you might get aids or something, if you eat it, you might get throat cancer)... what the heck !!!!!

we may see even higher probability of the throat cancer rise among women even higher than it may rise among men. Because today, many women are 'chomping down" on any woman that come in their pathway and smiles back.

Maybe it won't save your life ????? what a shame.

woaini1947 59M
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7/3/2014 9:50 am

I wonder if you can spray that thing with antiseptic and kill the bacteria? Why are you laughing? They have spray for ants and roaches.

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/3/2014 4:09 pm

when anything affects the penile functions, the main option then is of being a "specialized diner"... so, certainly there in no interest in that "fine cuisine" being tainted.