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7/15/2014 4:33 pm
Moving forward

All's good and well. I started the treatment today.. I'm looking forward to a process with as minimal side effects as possible.

Speaking from hard gained wisdom:

What I can say is, many who are playing waiting games to find a mate may well move forth, and realize that "you have a choice", don't wait until something comes along in your life and diminish the options within those choices, or put challenges within variables which can hinder the options to engage a choice.

Act and Engage in Relationships while you can.
Many people have mental pains which hold them back. You can overcome those and work through them. Be thankful it is not a physical issue that impedes your options to exercise choice; to make a choice.

It might be a wise thing to let go of temperamental-ism, and get over the pursuit of perfection and accept that ones-self is far from perfect. Be careful of the expectations you place, because they may boomerang and become shackles upon your own life.

As many in these sites are beyond the age of 40 and many may be beyond the age of 50. Not only will you never be 18 again, you also will not be a repeat of your hey day image of yourself. You have changed and you will change more as time comes. Your life will change in what you find to be important in the material world, and you attitude will if you are with care, grow more wise to become more appreciative, and more willing to share without a mountain of conditions. Be Thankful for The Grace of Growth

Plastic surgery won't change what's inside of you, nor will more expensive clothes or more expensive toys, Its a time in life to appreciate what time has brought you through, and understand that if you delay sharing all that you are, then the less time in this life you will have to share all that you are.

You are not going to find a 'TV Character" because they are not real, and nor is the Big Screen Movie Character, no matter how much fantasy you wrap around such images,.
You are whom you are. If you want to be more , it might just come though what you share and what you accept and allow to be shared with you from the heart and with the heart of another.

We are too old to bicker and playing bartering games, and at the ages spoken of above, the idea that sex will control or manipulate something, is the ideas of a fool.. which by these ages, many should have learned that lesson in their late 20's.

Obsessions with shopping and spending money is not going to make a person become anything but "wasteful".

You can't claim to be a player, trying to juggle multiple mates, because it may well result to show that you've lost more of yourself, than of anything you have gained. And all the while, you life baggage only gets heavier, and eventually it become an albatross and you will find, not only is your baggage over stuff, you have become a hoarder of ill will and strife, which you drag along, collecting more and finding no place left to store it except to accumulate more baggage.

It might be time to get real with loves truths and accept the works involved in sharing and labors it takes to maintain it that it might grow.

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7/15/2014 4:48 pm

Thank you, I certainly need all of that I can get, both with this situation and with life in general... We all can certainly use a healthy dose of shared prayer.

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7/17/2014 4:06 pm

    Quoting beautifulkayra:
    My prayers go for you
    Hope everything will soon be fine and you are free again.

Thank you, I'm working on it and I'm sure all will resolve positively and improve my sense of graciousness even more so. For me, Gods Truth is within the belief in Good Things.