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8/12/2014 5:27 pm
how can they promote something know to harm people

The executives mingled over tea and sugar cookies, and the chatter was upbeat. Their industry, they said at a conference in the Indian capital, saves lives and brings roofs, walls and pipes to some of the world's poorest people.

Their product? Asbestos. Outlawed in much of the developed world, it is still going strong in the developing one. In India alone, the world's biggest asbestos importer, it's a $2 billion industry providing 300,000 jobs.

The International Labor Organization, World Health Organization, medical researchers and more than 50 countries say the mineral should be banned; asbestos fibers lodge in the lungs and cause disease. The ILO estimates 100,000 people die from workplace exposure every year.

But the industry executives at the asbestos conference, held in a luxury New Delhi hotel, said the risks are overblown.

Instead, they described their business as a form of social welfare for hundreds of thousands of impoverished Indians still living in flimsy, mud-and-thatch huts.

"We're here not only to run our businesses, but to also serve the nation," said Abhaya Shankar, a director of India's Asbestos Cement Products Manufacturers Association.

Yet there are some poor Indians trying to keep asbestos out of their communities.

Dozens of countries including Japan, Argentina and all European Union nations have banned it entirely. Others like the U.S. have severely curtailed its use.
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( the U.S. should have long ago banned this product)

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8/14/2014 3:19 pm

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It's amazing how many people gloss over these types of articles and give it little thought. currently many many people who participate in these blogs forums are either working and or living in situations, or frequent some places which has asbestos.

It's amazing what we as a general public ignore. we may well be thankful for the people who investigate this stuff, but even so, by that time it has harmed or many have died people, to prompt the study. Still we gloss over it.
some people are builders, and some restore properties and many such things, many people move into places, and still not only is this item present, but there is still places with lead based paint.

We may need more than we know, to think of more than just our erogenous romanticism's and sensual appetites about things and broaden our scope in many various ways.