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8/30/2014 5:44 am
Just stuff!!!!!

Part of the tree in the front yard fell on the house this morning. Geez... seem that problems just crop up all the time. Now its something else to fix.


I'm just about tired of stuff happening and happening and happenings. Yet its far beyond my control to stop some things.

It was very loud, now I just hope it did not damage the roof as well.

This was my tree, but my next door neighbor has many trees, and I doubt they will endure the expense to cut them.

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8/30/2014 6:42 am

I'll tell you, dealing with the medical treatment, then they gave me a shot that causes 'hot flashes', which keep me up half the night, then the damn tree limb falls on the house. WTF~!!!!!
Well, at this point, there is nothing to do but "fix the problem".. I think I'm going to looking to having the whole tree removed.

My neighbor has for sure 30 (big) trees in their yards, It's amazing how people plant these trees when they are young, as if they don't think it will grow. One of their limbs crashed into my dog house, and another neighbors lib crashed into an old kids swing set that was in the yard when I bought the house.
I have one other tree on my property, which is a very large Pine tree, it is at the back of my yard, One day, maybe will cut it down too.

Sometimes, I think about moving, but I'm just not one who likes to do a lot of moving.

I had this tree trimmed last year, but it grew like crazy this year. The guy cut everything that was hanging over the roof.... (I have no idea what kind of tree it is)
I thought one day it might do exactly as it did, because I see these type of trees all over the community splitting and crashing into something.

I heard it and went out back and did not see anything, then I went out front and there it was,laying on the roof. (scared the heck out of the dogs too!!). I thought maybe some idiot had ran off the street into the house.

I guess at this point there not much need to get upset, because that won't change the situations. But geez!!!! I get one thing done and something crazy happens. I just made agreement to get Harley out of my business, ( by the way, I will never buy another Harley Bike!!!). The bike is beautiful, but their finance company is CRIMINAL.
Then last week the Leasing organizations, just called to tell me there is a plumbing leak at the other house.

The crazy thing is, I can't even sell the thing because it not going to earn any money, and I've lost a lot on it already. it has been like an albatross.

But beyond all the trips, I refuse to let it push me in the wrong mental direction. Its just life and stuff.... and one thing about life, if you don't want anything most of these problems would not exist, but having things brings with it the potential of problems.

I have the windows phone with the 360 camera, but when I click send picture, it give me options such as facebook, twitter and some others, which I think is crazy, it should just connect to my email and be able to send it easily. ( I'll have to look into why its so crazy).

Well, It's Saturday, I just had the lawn cut on Friday, so I can do something on the holiday for the family.... but I'm not going to let this stop me.

Yesterday, when I drove home the sky was beautiful with amazing far away clouds, but maybe 2 hrs later I heard heavy rain, the dogs were outside, and it was pouring down rain, I let them in, heard thunder for about 20 minutes and then everything stopped. Today, there is no wind, no rain and just muggy hot, and the damn tree falls.

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8/30/2014 11:09 am

Well, the tree guy was here, and he's coming back to cut it down. I'll have to wait to have the whole tree removed, but that is the next step project.

I have to get the plumber now, to go to the other house.

It's crazy when one is underpaid and the organization I work for has not given people raises in 7 yrs, besides, I've requested a title change, but I work for someone who wants me to perform above and beyond what anyone ever holding my position has ever done. and I do perform way outside of my current classification requirements. When things happen which consume the paycheck to take care of these things, and wouldn't you know it, it happens at the first of the month when Mortgage and everything else is due !!!! I have to laugh, because no other demeanor will serve any purpose.

But over-all I know within the near future I will get a positive upsurge in multiple categories, so that is the aim I will work with.

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8/30/2014 4:29 pm

The tree limb is removed by 4:00PM , don't know how to add picture to comments, so I'll add them to the above pictures

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8/30/2014 6:36 pm

    Quoting  :

yes, as Trusty said, its the other house with the plumbing problem. It's a decent house, 3 bedrooms, brick with a nice yard. Once the plumbing is done there, it will need one tree trimmed as well.

Just stuff, too frequently things to try and throw me off balance. But, I got too many things to deal with to get off balance.

Anguish is not good for the health. and money going out is not good for the wallet, but it seems money going out seems to help defeat some areas and spectrum of things which can cause anguish.

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9/1/2014 6:49 am

I lease one to Social Assistance non profit who houses homeless families. I recently had the loan modified, but they turn around and hit me with an additional fee, which equals a $120.00 MORE a month, I'm trying to get that paid off so the payment goes back to where it should be. I put a new lawn mower over there so they can cut their own grass, it was costing me $80 a month to have it cut.

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9/1/2014 7:32 am

    Quoting beautifulkayra:
    I was asking because maintaining two houses is not easy. Have to pay the tax, electricity, phone, everything. Really takes your time, energy and money.
    I take care of my family's house which located out of Jakarta.
    It's My grandpa's and empty. My grandpa passed away about 20 years ago.
    So I am the one who have to go back and forth between Jakarta and Yogyakarta (about 12 hours driving/train from Jakarta, or an hour fly) to pay all the bills related to the house.
    If you are getting medical treatment, while taking care of both houses? I could imagine how tired you are.
Yes, I am very tired lately, and the longer the treatments go on the more tired I become. I can't work the whole day, because I have to go take the treatments, so that poses its own form of challenges.
Besides the crazy thing is they gave me a shot, which casues "hot flashes", Now that is something that is truly NOT Good.... very frustrating, because it makes we wake up every hour during the night.

Eventually I will get through all of this. I think people should give more thought to read my blog Health and Life, but most times people care less about blogs which go into discussing the realities which life if filled with. I understand people want romance, but if they expect to have it and for it to last, they need to think more about life as a whole, rather than selfish fancy. Because at no time will life give anyone a pass on the realities that are built into the spectrum of living.

You seem to do very well for yourself, it appears that what ever you inherited as well as what you earn and continue to earn affords you good options to do various things. Which is good, you seem to have a compassionate side within your nature of person, which too is good.

I'd only say, that always know that time is the ongoing challenge unto all of us. Do your business, enjoy the things you do as to your work, care for you kids, but in the mate selection process, know that it is as you say, Not about money, not about material things and certainly not about the allure factors or any games related to such... It always comes down the multiple varieties where responsibility will always dominate. Both in and of and about health, as well as how one values and how patient and determined to invest themselves in building their relationships.

We all plan much, often life can and will as it often does interrupt those plans both with good and not good things, but within it, keeping a honest and good heart is the thing required to adjust to the changes which plans encounter.

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9/1/2014 10:23 am

    Quoting beautifulkayra:
    Hang on in there. Pray (if i may suggest) when it hurts and too much to handle. Usually it helps me feel better when I cry in my praying.
    Believe your self that you are strong, and will be able to get through this process well.

    I changed a lots these last few years.
    I used to be a determine person, related to works, goals, kids, and life partner.
    But I realized there are many things happened without giving us a chance to choose. When this happen?
    I try not to complain, because i know it will not solve my problems.
    Instead, I do my best, and hope for the best.
    Sharing and helping people, is my key of life.

    Life partner?
    No....I had everything I need, more than needed if I could say.
    Only need someone who will not let go of my hand,
    no matter how difficult life is.
    Believe there is time for everything.

    Thanks for sharing Beyond.
    My prayers go for you.
I'm always full of ideas and projects, I work an average of 6 hrs a day for the last month and half, but I insure to be highly productive during those times.
Many of the things I want concern doing things that benefit other within various work groups, as well as concerns for the family and their well beings. As for money, I don't have any of an amount to speak of, but it does suffice to get what I need done and when I need it to a degree.
Except I have to get the money to get the dental work, that is a high expense high priority thing. I want to go to California to get it done, I paid 2500 insurance benefit plus 3500 out of pocket and the stupid bridge the guy made keeps coming off. I will get it together after these treatments are done, to go to California where I know they do good and great quality work. I had two different dentist in this city here do work, one made a crown for one implant and they just don't do as good work as the people in LA, the last one done by the other guy here, is terrible to say the least.
In a small city like this, I don't think he gets a lot of implant work. Most insurance companies will not pay for it, and the wage structure in this city is insidiously low.

I appreciate the prayers, as I do those in an ongoing manner throughout the day.

At 60, I look at the fact that I get these things done before I turn 61 and I will have it behind me. The next thing then is work on 'eating better" and "since the weather here is from one extreme to the next", The Gym membership may be the best options. As no matter how one seem to play for outdoors exercise, the weather has its own agenda

I will buy a large 4 drawer commercial grade file cabinet so I can organize my papers, these cheap ones from Walmart are pure garbage, it was the worst of selection options. I do not want to buy anymore cheap stuff. I don't care about marquee stuff, but I do care about good quality.

I see people at the medial facility who have these things made which shapes the head, for the radiation treatment, and then they clamp it down to another pieces, one guy told me he can't even move his eye lids in the things. But one guy had cancer behind the eye, he lost the eye, then the cancer began to fill up the socket.. another has ever more devastating forms.

Its so much that shows we as people are fragile in ways we don't understand as it relates to our bodies, and sometimes to the mind in some people.

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9/3/2014 4:57 am

I am far more careful of what I buy, because junk accumulates quickly !!!
Everything I think I want, is not the answer, it takes more careful thought and then it requires figuring out if it is long term useful.

I do want to have the good quality "power generator", it cost like $3200 plus labor and accessories needed to make it as best it can be and can be tied into the natural gas line, as well as have petro fuel tanks, but I'd also like it to have a solar cell that powers a battery to aid in making it a three power source option.

We still have fragile telephone poles with wires which are susceptible to high winds, and other types of things that cause massive power outages during the various seasonal condition. I think all new homes should be mandated to have 'alternate power units".. It makes not much sense to be 100% reliable on public utilities.
If the power goes down in the summer, you can suffocate from heat, by remaining in the house, and in the winter if the power goes down, one will freeze because the fire place is simply not going to do it, as to warming the whole house.

I have friends with Pools, some in ground, and some above ground with decks built around it, but I don't see where I need such. I'm not a swimmer.... They look good, but that's too much work to maintain it just because it looks nice.

I'd also like to have "power windows" which can be let up and down with a switch, but not just to go up, but I'd like the top part to be able to go down. then I get fresh air, without the bottom being open and accessible to the criminal minded.

But, I am not on who is much interested in having a custom built house, because there are already enough house to choose among. but the one I have can be modified is more suitable for my interest.