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9/1/2014 7:53 am

All week I'd been thinking about buying a "tablet", and a few other things, mostly things which I don't truly need, I only want them.
but then the Tree things happened, and sucked up part of the money, now the plumbing problem exist, which the cost in undetermined. Then there is the issues with my mothers Air conditioner in her car. All of such things cost money.
I have other items that need attention, which is dental work, the implants I need and then there follows the crown work that comes next in the picture.

I guess the tree falling, stopped me from buying something I truly don't need at this time, which is a tablet. Because I know for me, it will have to have the best options and then a service plan for internet, which comes with an additional monthly cost. So, It's novelty at this point, because I can do my work on the job computers, I have three computers at home, two desktop and one lap top, and often I only use one and the other two just sits there un-used.

I need to get my mothers car traded in, among other things, so priority wise, is get the dental work done along with get my mothers car changed.

I probably need to dump the bike because it just sits there in the garage, and Insurance cost me $84 a month, for it to simply sit there. Down here its either too hot, raining, and unpredictable weather and then in a few months it turns cold... all of those are conditions I don't ride in. I hate to lose the $15k that I will loose by selling it, because all in all it cost me $31K,, but the longer I keep it the lower the value of it goes. so, its a catch 22 in a matter of ways. It has only 4000 miles on it, but I just don't like to have to suit up, just to ride it, but I know it is not safe to ride it without the proper gear.

It's a beautiful machine.

It's a matter of function, it has nothing to do with liking or not liking it, because I like having it. When I do ride it, I always enjoy the ride. but it is purely a "recreation vehicle"...
so, I have to think on it as to what I will do.

I want the carpet moved out of my house and tile installed, I want my back yard fixed like a "Personal Park" and then I'd like to install a very nice fence, and maybe even put in a hot tub. Along with having the extension to cover the Patio. just things!!!! I think about moving, but I don't like moving a lot. In essence its just a house. I'm in good proximity to things I need and conveniences to things. I can get where ever I want to go within 15-25 minutes. At my age, house jumping is just not a ideal option.

Although It would be good to find a different layout, which I could move my mother in, which will cut here expense to "0", but I also understand that when people get beyond 80 yrs of age, don't pressure them to move, if they are comfortable where they are and they feel confident about navigating their community for their needs.

I just don't see where moving can benefit much, because it generally comes with increased mortgage payment, then there is the human thing, of wanting to buy new furnishing and a lot of things which is not always factored into moving. Beside, I'd like to have a storm shelter built in my back yard.

These are just some things,

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9/2/2014 3:05 pm

The dog will chase off the snakes. Two legged snakes are the ones that are dangerous.

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9/2/2014 3:22 pm

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It is cut really low, and a guy will come this week and trim the hedges along the fence.

I personally don't like snakes... that's one reason I have someone else cut the grass.
I almost bought a house on the Lake Front, when I moved here, it was a beautiful house, and the water looked nice, but I knew, the snakes like being close to the water and I'm sure they'd come out of the water and would have been on the lawn, so I did not buy the house on the lake.

I plan to build some things in the back yard, including a storm shelter, a deck and a stationary bar-b-que areas. I also want to put a green house back there, but it has to be on a cement slab, so snakes can't get in.

soon as I get some of the current issues resolved, I'll begin... I plan by the age of 61 to have my dental work complete and I will be completed with treatments in a few weeks, but first I need to get the carpet out of the house and have ceramic tile installed.

contemplating if I want to say in this location, or to look at other developments. Right now I can't afford to move or switch homes. So the plan is to upgrade this one until the time comes that I can successfully make a transitions and not incur any additional monthly expense.

I will probably set up the media system different, because I am very frustrated with Cable TV... I detest with a passion, paying for a service and then being subjected to commercials. I don't hate many things, but I am close to hating TV commercials. and I certainly detest strongly the commercials that are always pushing some new pharmaceutical medicine. I don't need that info, If there is a problem, its the doctors job to know what is the medicines to select from, certainly not from a TV commercial.

The dog in the picture, I have been told they are excellent breeds at insuring snakes don't feel welcome.

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9/2/2014 3:29 pm

I think the back yard is wasted space... unless I do something to make it functionally usable for some things as mentioned above. It always a possibility to go to a park if I just want to see a lot of yard like space.
I don't want it cluttered with junk. but functional as if it is an extension of the house with usable things.

I know various people who have lots of acres of land around their homes, before my Father passed, they had lots of land around the home which included their own Pond. earlier years they had a very nice garden before he got sick. they build a large area for entertaining with a very large brick bar-b-que... but as he got older, it was just a hassle to keep the grass cut and things as such.
maybe a lot of land is good if people have kids. but without kids, there is for me no need for a yard any bigger than the one I have.

Even with the house, I have 4bdrms, that is enough, maybe turn the garage into a large room, and add an extension in front of it to park the cars... but that is really not necessary at this time., I'd probably like to extend the bedroom, to have more closets, and have a sitting area with a private hot tub just off the bedroom.

These are just ideas, nothing that has any focus on planning to do such at this time. As my mother gets older, it would be nice to extend the bedroom so she could have that space and additional room right off the bedroom for what ever she'd like to use it for. I might strongly consider that option.

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9/3/2014 4:41 am

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I was amazed when I moved here, at the limits of colorful flowers in the lawns, I had roses and other flowers when I lived in Los Angeles. It appears here the season of flowers seem to be short. In the back there is a crape myrtle, which has brilliant blooms in late May, June and July, but in august they fade away. the tree in front of the dog, had very brilliant red flowers on it, just earlier in the month. a lot of business have crews that come in and change out the flowers to keep color year round, but that is a lot of work and expensive to do.
I never really noticed so much of this when I was a kid, although spring had nice flowers,
the heat in summer is atrocious the weather change up is so quick, that in the morning it may be a beautiful day, and by afternoon sometimes it can change dramatically.
Fall, has lot of colors as the leaves began to die preparing for the winter, I will take pictures and post them as the seasons starts to change.

I put artificial flowers in the planters in the front, they are on the opposite side of the yard from where the tree limb fell. They'll proably last until the spring, and another 20-30 dollars will be needed to buy new ones. The other problem with flowers is, the need for water, since I did not seem to have time to water them, and I only have portable sprinklers, it becomes a chore to water. I had put a timer on the faucet on year, and it seemed to work ok, but it constantly had to be moved around.
Now with some summers when the water from the lake is low, they advise against watering too much.

Life and things are far different than what it use to be years ago, but as the city expands, the demand for water has increased tremendously.

Some years it is so hot, that it burns the grass. one year I had a big brown spot in the back yard, this year where the brown spot was, turned out to be the greenest spot in the back yard.

I want to put another canopy in the back, but sadly the cheap like covering is not real canvas, and its good for a short time, then sun dies it out, and then through the winter and by the next summer it becomes brittle and begins to tear. they just don't make this stuff quality enough, I have to weight the options. but equally so, something which withstands the windy season as well, because we get high winds that will destroy it.