beyondfantasy3 111M
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9/3/2014 5:16 am

I've been reading various articles on WWIII things, some of it is alarming, and some of it fits with the things of instability in many areas, from wealthy, to earthquakes and certainly the militancy in so many places.

With all the technology, and all the wisdom in the world, we as human beings seem to be unable to become non war like. It appears that not only is wealth distribution insane. Industrial and Corporate greed is insidious, and I certainly lay blame to greed, and the ignorance that too many professor types teach to students, which is void of ethnics, void morality of social concerns, and everything is greed at any cost.
People caught up in who's got the biggest house, and then who has the most big houses, who has the most expensive Boat... and who has a private jet and all kinds of costly limited usable functional stuff.
We even have Preachers, competing to see who can build the biggest church and then turn it into a business, which includes a school and everything else they can imagine. Building, Selling and Buying Church's has become like a business venture.
Schools have forgot about Civic's and Humanities, and focus on Match and Science, and come out dumber than before they went in. they have technical skills, but no moral basis, and certainly ethics means nothing, it is greed by any means, beause that is what these professors teach, and many of the professors are so caught up in it, they can't even see the lack of morality and lack of ethnic in what they teach. The of the student population knows no better than to swallow this garbage whole and fully in every word that is uttered. some come out quoting professors, or some dead poets as their claim to be educated. I find that interestingly non beneficial to what truly is happening in the world.

We have people who have lost all sense of social presentation of self. They walk around in clothes and things to show as much leg and butt and breast as they can, and some even walk around in sleeping wear in the day. And this young culture with the flip flops, as if they have a casual life.

I see people in position based solely on a degree, who have been well trained to play 'kiss ass" to any person who's name is highly recognizable, and they can't make a fair and functional decision for trying to make decisions only to appease those whom asses they have been trained to kiss.

I am more respectful in a regard sense of skills when it comes to technical people, engineers, Medical and such, but I have very little interest in those who all themselves financial planners and certainly I have no interest in the people who are Bankers and with claims to call themselves CEO... To me they are criminals and taught to engage any kind of crime against humanity and society for the sake of self enrichment. It makes no sense that Hedge Funds have the place they have, nor how speculators have all but poisoned the stock market.

We have weapon selling who insure that they flood the world with weapons, and they don't care who has them, all they care is about the profit they can make selling this stuff.

there is more information about so many things, that one can't possibly digest it and in attempting to do so, it requires focus on principle to grasp context to address how it ingested.

We as people have surely made the world more crazy in the last 150 yrs.

woaini1947 59M
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9/3/2014 7:18 am

The banking industry nearly shut down this country, making bad home loans etc. Millions have lost their homes because of the inability to pay the exorbitant rates... The most hated bank in America, B of A, I sued them over a home loan. My original loan was not with their firm but the loans are traded back and forth and you end up with your home being financed by a bunch of crooks and you have no say in the process. They tried to cheat me and I sued them. It took a year but I beat them. I will be honest with you. If that bank collapsed tomorrow with all the top executives in the building, I would throw a party. A no more corrupt group of people exists... As far as these wars we involve ourselves in; I think the reasons are first of all, to prove that we are a force to be reckoned with and to make money rebuilding the places we destroy. Certainly the American public has never benefited from these wars. Iraq is in much worse shape now than when we got there. Mr. Hussein was a tyrant; yes, but it was up to the citizens of that country to oust him. We get in there and now a child can't walk to school without fear of being the victim of collateral damage. Yes, those who use their knowledge to make this world a better place should be commended and they deserve our respect. The war mongers and the bankers; may they get what they deserve.