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2/7/2016 7:36 am
Big problem, major issue-?????

China has a major meth problem. The drug can be a pick-up, a pass-time, or something that builds trust — or addiction. It mostly comes from North Korea and it’s been flooding northeastern provinces for years. Domestic distribution networks then move the drug west and south to reach more users.
I have seen workers abuse it in Chinese electronics factories so they can stay awake when trudging through unending shifts. Camgirls (models who perform or strip online for a fee) and karaoke hostesses smoke it with their , who call the practice “ice-skating.” Businessmen who dabble in too many vices share it for a brotherly bond. Chinese celebrities apprehended in drug crackdowns often admit to using meth.

Production of this speed was once organized by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a way to keep its foreign currency slush fund afloat. The operation was overseen by Bureau 39 (also called Office 39 and Room 39), a secretive component of the Kim regime that does anything from forging high-quality American currency to running a chain of restaurants. More heinous is the production and sale of narcotics.

Poppy farms existed in North Korea in the 1970s, and the DPRK developed an opiate production program for export. But major floods and agricultural disasters devastated the crops. Switching to something that could be made in a lab quickly and in large quantities provided two benefits: it suited the regime’s need to raise large amounts of foreign currency, and domestic use of meth killed the actual, physical hunger of a starving population.
Aside from narcotics and counterfeit currency, knockoff pharmaceuticals and cigarettes contribute to the illicit income of the DPRK. In all, Bureau 39’s illicit activities might be adding as much as $1 billion to Pyongyang’s coffers every year.
At home, North Koreans might see meth as something of a luxury. During Chuseok, a festival to give thanks for bountiful harvests that doubles in the north as a chance to offer bribes, beef and meth were popular gifts for officials.
The DPRK is hugely reliant on China.

The two Peoples’ Republics have messy ties, but it’s one of the few meaningful relationships that the DPRK has. Beijing provides aid to Kim Jong-un, and traders from North Korea cross into China to conduct business. China is the Kim family’s backer on the world stage, propping up the hermit kingdom’s economy despite its belligerence.

North Korean meth used to be trafficked by DPRK officials, but after a series of scandals and subsequent denials, the practice of delivering drugs through diplomatic cargo was largely abandoned by the mid-1990s. Production persisted, but distribution was handled by Asian crime rings that took on some of the Kim regime’s dirty work. Pushing large shipments of meth into northeastern China via regular trade routes was the natural move.

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2/8/2016 4:31 am

Very dangerous habit, hopefully the people learn quickly the devastation's that follow this drug.