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2/21/2016 9:28 am
The Internet Community

The internet is of everything one can find in real life, except within the internet people are hidden behind "handles", so the truly obscene and obnixious can come to surface quickly.
The oddity is, "everyone who visit's the internet leaves footprints".... therefore, people should figure out if their dignity is worth the insidious things some choose to do when visiting and interacting in the internet.

In some ways, its good that "fools" expose themselves early so people know whom to avoid, but the distaste it leave upon the internet community is still an unpleasant thing.

People, should be able to screen others by some means. I think the site tired with the profile, but as with me, people have many reasons not to complete the profiles.
I don't do it because there is no need to put too much information out in such a place filled with so many of unknown scruples or lack thereof.

Fortunate for me, I don't get junk mail from the people trying to work their con games, and I don't play let's pretend, as if one is in love after an email, or such stuff. I like pretty faces and nice bodies, but I'm not at a point to go bonkers over a face and body posted in pictures. I may like looking at it, but if it came down to the realism of people meeting, she would still have to present a quality character who is with genuine honorable intentions as a person who is without a malice driven agenda.

I've met some very nice and good nature women over the years and I have a pretty good feel for the regulars who have presented themselves as good people.

I don't trip about the scammers, because their game will always find a way to expose itself.
falling for peoples "sob stores" is not something I'm interested in, and definitely not those followed up by "send money" request.

It's amazing how people get on the net and play games to get money and the sadder part is those who become victims to such craziness.

One will not get ripped off in the internet "if they keep their money in their own pockets". keep their banking information private and don't post things where criminals can take tid bits and build a target profile of you and get your personal info.

What a shame such a great tool as the internet is abused by the criminal minded.

I think in the future, there will be some methods to quickly identify people even more, when we look at all the competing system of social media, there has to be a system which compiles and match data to profile people. Google now has this thing where it can "tell which sites are good and which ones are not", if they can do that, they can do a lot more than we don't even know about.

Probably as the next generation comes along, the internet will be made a much safer place.