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2/21/2016 9:59 am
Food -

It's such an interesting thing, swipe a card and get a discount, then other times some products are priced 1/3 of what they would cost at other times.
One has to wonder is there truly any logic to it - other than greed and gouging.

I read now they want to cut oil production, simply to cause the price to rise. Does it really make sense? I think not, the Oil companies should have been smart enough to build their budgets on reality and not speculator fiction. Now they don't want to pump because they have become addicted to the greed of speculator fiction.
Before Iraq War, Oil was under $20 a barrel, then by the elements that long before manage the cost. Today's oil is about where it should be, not where these goons want to push it up to. When they do, the price of food will increase

One minute they claim a problem with chicken, the price goes up, the next they claim a problem with eggs and the price goes up, its like a madhouse of crazies who hold these executives positions, they will do anything for a bonus, a raise and a pat on the back, because our education systems have trained them to chase greed and void out ethics and disregard concerns of humanity and the earth.

I remember as a when people had their own gardens, chickens and etc. the market place could not go crazy in the country towns, because the people had their own means to feed themselves. The more people become major city dwellers and no one wants to till the soil or raise livestock, then the price will continue to be crazy. Sadly, Industrial Farming has put many small home farming people out of actions. They no longer can sell their excesses.

Imagine if those mega communities China has built, which sits empty were to fill up with people from the country side. Then, food cost could and would go crazy, because the people are contained with no land, and no means to raise anything or grow anything.
IF there is a dramatic spike, places like New York Inner cities would become chaos, because the people live in a concrete jungle no suitable for growing food or raising livestock and ordinance won't permit it.

Buying food can become a nightmare in mega cities, but there are still people who live in rural towns, who grow their own, they still share stuff with friends and neighbors, and the old style of life fits them well.

I know some people who live in the country, they hunt, they fish and they grow vegetables, they work jobs, but in some ways they look very health, less stressed and their freezers never go empty. The good thing now, is people in those areas are keen to watch out for toxic dumping, so things have become better for them than it use to be, when people were unaware of industry dumping stuff in the woods, ponds and such.

Quite amazing, how often times people who live in the middle of major metro's with no land, are more dependent on the stores than they know.
I'm in a suburb,and I rely on stores, but if necessary I can grow things in my back yard, but I can't raise animals due to city ordinances.

I have some land in the countryside, but its linked with heir's so I have not cared much to deal with it, It just might be interesting to have a succession done, so I have fertile land without restrictive ordinances. Just in case I want to raise animals, and grow food. The big problem is, how does one rid the land of snakes :

Today, I don't hear any young people who want to grow up and be farmers, or livestock owners. I don't think the average schools even promotes such things.