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4/10/2016 6:02 am

thinking of options.

To make modifications, such a wood floors, resurface fireplaces, maybe enclose patio, add some other things, and make the back yard look like a park. (I saw some very good backyard work in homes when I lived in California. Some Asian families did amazing things with their back yards.)

Image taken when tree limb broke
It has a big back yard, and this extra section is the front is adjacent to the driveway, which can accommodate 2-3 additional cars. I can fit 4 cars in the driveway, and two in the garage, so there is more than enough parking.
Getting older at 61, I just don't see taking on the high dollar cost of a new home, when this one is manageable.
I see some people who change homes like people change cars, mine is 4bdrm so It's already more space than I actually use. I do like homes with "open kitchen that has a counter, this is one thing I don't like about mine, but it too can be modified.
I could see switching if I found the right house for the right price and the payments fit in the right category. But, in no way am I going to get a house with a payment that becomes a challenge in coming years which diminishes what is expendable resources.

Second house;
It's three bedrooms, overall in decent condition - the family that now lives there, has made it a very nice home for themselves inside. It has a big back yard, a walkway and slab in the back yard (use to be a craft shop like room) but it makes for a nice backyard patio areas, and there's a cement slab also behind the laundry room. which is at the back of the carport.

Two other homes which were new homes, were located near Houston, but they are no longer mine. (what a relief !!!).

Before I bought the house, I thought about a home near the Lake, but (Snakes come out of the water and live around the water, so that ruled that option out) I detest the thought of snakes in the yard or near the home.

A friend wants to buy a home in another area, which has a pond in the back yard on 5 acres, and is about a few miles from the lake, maybe closer. I simply don't want the responsibility of having that much grass to cut. and keeping an areas around a pond clean. It's nice in thought, its nice to look at, but something I think people don't think of the maintenance necessary as they get older.

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4/10/2016 10:11 am

Thank you, they are older houses, but its ok. I'm not so thrilled at how some of the newer homes are built. I have however seen a large variety of homes that I think would be nice some in areas I like and some more out in newer communities as well as some in historic like communities. But, at this point, I'm not interested in expenses of such, IF was to stop work today, I can maintain this. I think that matters greatly in the big picture of things.
I've seen too many people get older, and challenges overtake their ability to maintain their homes, and some either become homeless, transient, or have to move to apartments. So, its for me better to simply keep it under such considerations.
Now, that does not rule out or diminish my interest or concerns to continue to prosper and do better, gain more and save more financial resources.
I once had good levels, but as with life, money comes and goes, and that does not mean it does not come back around.

I'd need more closet space, (I have lots of clothes) but I've thought about what it would be to extend the bedroom, and add a walk in closet and a 2nd bathroom on to the bedroom (if I find a woman to move in), she'd have her own and I'd have mine.

My first home was built in 1929 a Craftsman Era Home, it was on a large lot, over time the community changed and I moved -in California, the second home I owned and sold when I left California, was in a nice community. Not rich, but nice.

I'm not one who is fond of a lot of "moving".

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4/10/2016 11:00 pm

Sometime getting an older home have lots of work to do , renovation and remodeling etc....

Even building a new home could have so many human error made

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4/12/2016 3:43 pm

    Quoting  :

I agree, a big house is good if one has lots of kids to make use of it, but just to have a really big house, just to say I have it, is not my interest.

I've had two bedroom house(I eventually had the patio enclosed and another patio added, and also I learned that if one is interested in re-selling or if it comes to that, it is easier to sell a 3 or 4 bedroom than a 2 bedroom. That's not always the rule, because there are some very spacious 2 bedrooms available. but many times people looking to buy want certain things, especially if they have one or more kids or plan for such.

For me, I'm fairly simple in most regards, I like clean, I like comfortable, and I like secure, Nothing has to be top dollar expensive, it simply has to be something I like.
I would like a different floor plan with more open flow than I currently have. I could probably move some walls and create it if it really became major important. I doubt that I'd do it in the current mindset. If I was with a woman and she wanted such, then we'd have to figure it out, or figure what are our options.
I like watching movies, so that would be important for me. I don't need a 90 inch screen to do it. but I do want to load all the movies onto a Tera Drive so I can simply select it at will it saves space and multiple TV's can access it. I think that would be great.

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4/12/2016 3:45 pm

It's no doubt my house could use a woman's touch. I noticed little things my sister did when she was here in December, were things I did not think to do, and it made it have the feel of difference.