beyondfantasy3 113M
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4/21/2016 4:30 am
Buying Love???

Do you think it is bought and sold in various places around the world?

How much do you think it cost?

Why do you think society has become so vouyeristic and sx driven. (example): Take Yahoo news, its filled with stories about some act or some exposure of womens bodies or some insinuation about some sx act they may have engaged, and now people (Americans) seem to take delight in talking about their exploits. (example) Dancing with the Stars, why is it necessary for this one person to come out talking about who is and who has slept with the other among the contestants?

If it was not for sx allure, tempting and teasing and flaunting suggestive body imagery, do you think the Kardasians would have become so wealthy and so much written and shown about their lives?

why is there so little of stores about Asian women in Asian location, publicly claiming sx abuse or suing me for something related to sx? Do you think the women take more responsibility for what they do, and do you think they are more discreet about what they do? or do you think its the system they live in that will not support them complaining after the fact?

don't go silent, surely people have some thoughts about this stuff>