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4/24/2016 7:47 am
Just stuff and things.....

Seems as though, some thing just have problems at the wrong time.
I have a wonderful Bass made by Kawai, (the piano company) and another made by Shaffer (a Piano company).
I put the kawai in the shop and the tech totally messed it up, not only do the switches not work, it has a terrible static. Now I have to put it in another shop, but this time I will take the electronic schematic so they can actually do it right.

I put the Shaffer Bass in the shop, I had modified it years ago, the strange thing is the bass works fine but the modification worked only a few days after I got it out of the shop and it needs again to be put in the shop.

Things, I'd like it to simply work like it should when I pick it up. I have an old Fender Fretless, which seem to work like it should, it does not have any complicated electronics inside.

I guess one has to keep things in constant use to keep them properly functioning.

I don't like the fact of having to continually make fixes and adjustments.

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4/24/2016 3:56 pm

I agree with you, its is very difficult to find people who are true to the crafts as people use to be.
I use to be good at doing all such things, a vast variety of creafts, sports, mechanical and various other things. I even worked the listing data for cases where attorneys were too lazy to compile and categorize the information, as if they were simply looking for "slam dunk cases only".
I find so many in various professions don't want to do the actual work. I do respect some tech, and various other higher level expertise in certain things, but during my mothers illness, I found that far too many doctors are script followers rather than paying attention to the individual and the individual circumstance, and they pass things off from one team to the next and their concept of collaborations is "reading notes" rather than actual "TALKING WITH AND UNTO EACH OTHER" !!!!

Today everyone is so concerned about being paid, they forgot to invest and give the quality standards they expect their pay to be based upon, they just ride the label and title.
It's sad so many are trained to think the public is illiterate or just ignorant to a level of absurdity.

I put them up against the wall with dialog, It's irritating what it takes to make them actually fess up and talk.

I took my car to the shop, a guy started to tell me what it cost to diagnois a problem, when he finished talking I told him, It's audible, I simply want to know what unit it is coming from. Then and only then did he say, he'd let me know. (it was as I thought, the catalytic converter)- when they go bad they make a horrible noise, it does not affect the operation of the vehicle, but it is a terrible irritating sound.

Long ago, people actually cared about what they do and made sure they became good at it. Now, people just want to be paid.

at my work, I see people going through all the script things trying to get jobs, I simply go and develop the skills, learn the scope of the business area, including the administrative aspect. I had an issue we have special investigator to review the matter, they came up with something so lame it was insidious. I went and talked to the tech people after researching the matter, told them what I thought, brought diaphragms and they looked into it and 'they came to the same conclusion I had arrived at. I tried to tell the inspectors, but they blew it off, now I documented, and we put the issue into watch status, and noted the units with the potential problem and put some tech controls in place.

It's insane.
I was asked to be a part of a department, as second to the director, he told me that he did not care about status titles or such, he respected that i knew the work and told me the data and info I provided already was worth the salary he was to pay me. Unfortunately he took another job in another state, now the guy who replaced him, told me to set up a meeting with him, that he could use the help Its quite likely I'll get the position, as I've already compiled a great deal of work and data set up, so I can walk in ready to go.

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4/25/2016 4:24 pm

already, the Ivy League prep school network is teaching "Globalist Ideology", they have lost the concept to respect and or regard what is Nation-State Standards and what it value points means to being a truly globalist player.
In the current concept of Globalist Player, it is referenced by the Mega Rich and the global reach Economic Corporate Conglomerations.
The common people of each and or any Nation-State is lesser regarded as to viability and seen too as "disposable society" with fixed lifespan for productivity performance sake, within the Globalist Systems ideological concepts; which seeks out what it considers the spinning circle of the lowest labor at a given point and time, coupled with automation and disposable, recyclable goods and products.

Service is now automated to a point of "script tech", and move it to the next level of a particular script tech II level.

Ultimately, it's a matter of two phase option: replace or repurchase with a usage value decline as to credit given, if any, because the cycle of obsolescence is increased in its pace.

The era of repairable durable goods, is more a thing of the past,.
Turn it in for recycling, and the field now is those who can harness recycling to extract the most valuable components, and build casing and non critical parts to be melted down and re-case as if to produce a form of what they call re-model-able raw bulk.
Tech is pursing the nano level, with the micro tech designs which seems to see some type of molecular reactive process to replace less critical hard structure moving parts.

Look at the current wage of laptops, they are thinner than ever before, and more powerful, but none have yet met or developed the technique to avert heat from reducing the life cycle. Therefore tech modification make it obsolete before the heat cycle causes a different form of break down and or deterioration. Therefore they can continue to push it as a superior product.

All one has to do is consider what was a Vacuum tube, to a transistor, to now digital gates made into silicone with micro circuitry.

Automobiles makers do not want individuals to work on the vehicles lest they are part of the parts replacements system, with specialized digital test and re-calibration units. The legal fight now stands at 'leasing the tech to make it operate", rather than it being purchaser owned as part of the vehicles, to lead to the short life cycle licensing of vehicular units.

and on and on and on.... it goes.