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4/24/2016 4:07 pm
Years is not just years its time passing.

for many years I played with my Bass everyday!!!! Now, its been 20+ yrs, and I'm trying to find the rhythm... its such and odd thing. How tight my body has become for the loose feel that it takes to truly play.
I've been so into the technical and detail aspects of business and making things to advance work business, and I've worked on so many projects and compiled so much data.
Now, I want to get back to making music, I need the relaxations and rhythm that it gives.

I sometimes want more days or time in the days, or the resources to just do these things without having to work, but on the other hand. I like work. I actually enjoy doing what I do. I get to interact and deal with "all" departments and all "divisions" of each department. I like the span without the limitations. I know a lot of people by interaction, but I am terrible at remembers names, (why I don't know), but I do remember what ever we've discussed down to the minute details.

I'm greatly respected for my quality and standards of work. I don't skim and I don't try to slide by, I do the actual work.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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4/25/2016 3:44 pm

I tore mine a few years ago, when a "lamp fell on it", they could not do surgery at the time because my blood sugar was up and down. They gave me pain med, (lite type). Often time now the right shoulder hurts more than the left. It's so odd.
I find that riding the Motorcycle is somewhat different, because one may need to use those shoulders at any moment to do some maneuver, I'd bought hand weights, but not even that was recommended, so now they just sit there.
Sometimes, the arm gets in a certain position and it takes a little effort to move it, often I put my other hand on the shoulder and it moves just fine.
The doctor said, I should do nothing, because the limits of range I'd get after surgery is not worth the pain i'd go through with healing. I'm just more careful in how I use it.